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Rolleye's '02 Explorer Sport

I have been lurking for a while.... I also have a '94 2 door and these forums have helped me a lot.

I just picked up this '02 with 106000 KM. Seems to be really tight and in good shape. Fairly basic - no cruise, which I thought was a little odd.

- 5pd manual, 4x4, '46' rear end
- cloth seats - might try to find some leather power seats. Not sure how much work it is to replace - anyone have any experience with this ?
- no overhead console - wouldn't mind putting something up there for a bit more storage. Not to sure what my options are but maybe a message center of some sort. Jump in with any thoughts.

- engine is stock and I would like to try and optimise gas mileage if I could.

- has a few burnt out cluster lights so I will probably do the LED mod I have found here in the spring

- I have the rear emblem but am scratching my head on how to re-attach it...

I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and found the truck in Red Deer Alberta.

Here's some pics...





What I woke up to yesterday morning...


Any ideas of mods - or things to watch out for - would be appreciated.



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Nice looking sport, you have the base power package with manual transmission which explains for no over head console but is one of the rare ones I've seen without cruise. There were sports with leather seats and would be fairly simple to change out but you would have to have a power source since most driver leather seats in sports were power. What kind of modifications are you looking to do?

Once you need to get new tires, get some General Grabber AT2s. Great price, great looks, and great performance. I don't have them myself, but my brother does, and I plan on getting them once my tires wear down.

nice i wish my 01 sport was a stickshift

That is nice you are 1 of the lucky ones to get the standard transmission.

PJ gets a little bling !

Long time no update and a chance to install some items.

Found a nice mini push bar locally - new old stock - and finally had an opportunity to install.



Still need to hide the block heater plug - oopsi.

More to come...

Add some lights - x X 150 watt sealed beam

Snagged these new "old skool" Aris Flamethrowers locally over the winter. Not wired yet but I think they are 150 watts each so will have 2 separate relays for them I guess.

I'm sure I can find a post to help me with that. Looks like it is going to be a summer of electrical with the options I am planning on this year.


PJ Gets some new Shoes

I picked up some 18" wheels over the winter along with some Bridgestone 255/55/R18 tires and finally got around to putting them on PJ. Not really fancy but nice all in all. The height was very close to the 16" wheels that I had on before so no speedo correction required.




Truck's lookin" good!

Crack in MAF

So I cleaned my MAF recently and found something bad...


The crack goes the whole way through. I guess I need to replace it...

Would any MAF from a 2nd gen - for a 4L - work on my on '02 Sport ?

As a stop gap I am going to try and plastic weld it together.

wish me luck. :)