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rollover at 80

this isnt a new accident but still fun to tell the story.

im new to the forums also, so first post!

my fiance had the crap kicked out of her by her slightly psychotic ex and i was being the knight in shining armor to come and save her night....cause this is what happened at 1am on the dot.....and also maybe not shining armor but shining civic....






extent of injuries: scraped knee, bloody ear, glass cuts on hand

hit ditch going 80, flipped it three times and ended up facing the wrong way upside down in the ditch almost 500 feet away. had to crawl out my back window....

other survivor:


brand new (two days new) TC Sounds OEM 10"
flew out of the trunk and landed in the middle of the road right side up with 2 scratches on the motor.....oh and the screws were still in the rim...

victims: greddy sp2 cat-back stainless steel exhaust, optima yellow top, american bass coaxials, injen CAI, eibach springs, brembo slotted rotors, EBC green pads, and almost $200 of dynamat....

this may be the wrong forum to say this but i trust in honda from here on i drive a ford

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Man, details, please... did you kick the guys a$$?

it was my own fault i looked down at the speedo and looked back up at a ditch, paniced, slammed on my brakes, and went for a ride lol

oh you mean the psycho ex? he left before i even left my house, my fiance was actually the first one to show up after the popo and ambulance did. as she said when i ran over to her to see if she was fine that i was a little more important than a bruise...

dang that looks pretty bad

That Honda cage is strong! Good thing you were buckled in... Funny thing, the mrs also lost control at 80, not even a scratch to her, but the Honda was done.

my favorite part of the whole accident was unbuckling my seatbelt and falling on my roof.....

and i didnt so much lose control as much as a ditch ate me

it will buff right out

thats a tight ass story..i would brag that ****
no offense to this forum, i prolly would be dead if my rig hit that ditch at 80

i dont even like driving my truck at 80 lol doesnt feel safe at all lol

Damn lucky

Good thing there wasnt a street sign or a telephone anywhere in the way.

I doubt my xploder would have made it through a ditch at 80. Some of the other posts also kind of made me wonder if I'm the only one who knows when the governer kicks in on my model xploder. Living in Germany has it's perks. :roll:

115 mph isnt it?

Hey tragic, 80 mph or km. Not that it matters, I'm was just wondering.

Crazy story glad your both okay.

Are you sure that this was 80 not 10? LOL


lol its 80mph and i actually took out three signs that said left turn haha

I didnt say that i did it, I said I doubt I would. And i meant MPH, I'm an american stationed in GErmany, so u dont use kPh unless im driving.

As for the governer.... on my 02 explorer XLT with the 4.0l v-6 it kicks in at 108. Scared the **** out of me the first time it did too. hehehe. Thought I had blown up another Ford the way it suddenly started stuttering and slowing down.

No speed limiter on mine. Programmer took care of that annoying thing. Although I don't usually go over 100 anymore since the 33s were put on.

That little Honda took a beating, but doesn't look as bad as expected. At least it protected you.