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Roof Mounted LED Bar--Check out!!

So I have been eying up LED light bars for a while now. While I like the ones mounted towards the windshield, theres no way im drilling into the pillars to install. So i came up with a mounting system that installs under the front roof rack brackets. There is NO drilling into the body required. In addition to the brackets, i made a bolt in bar with mounting tabs so i could mount different style of lights on if i so choose to. In Addition, ive made a custom switch panel that mounts over the factory garage door opener in the overhead console. Anyway, heres a bunch of pictures











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Nice! I really like how you set up the brackets for the light bar. What brand did you go with?

Honestly, the more I see these LED bars everywhere, the more I start to like them.

Now this is something id do, did you fab the brackets yourself??? Im sure i could do that to my 1st gens rack.

Installation looks good, but I think you have to adjust the led light bar in the right angle for that proper focus.

Pleasssseeeeee make a right up or SOMETHING showing us how you made that switch panel in place of the useless garage door opener thing, i was thinking this same thing!!!

ANY UPDATE ON THIS? I need to know how this worked. lol