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Roof Rack Help!


July 2, 2004
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Chicago, IL
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01 Sport
I have a 2001 Explorer Sport. The roof rack that my truck has only contains the two side bars. There are no cross bars to mount a ski rack to....
Can I purchase the cross bars for my roof rack, or do I need to purchase new side rails and cross bars? I cannot get a strait answer from my dealer regarding the different roof rack packages that came with my Explorer. Also, I have a friend with a 1997 Explorer. He is willing to trade me his entire rack, side rails and cross bars if they fit. Does anyone know if these will fit my truck?

jb...wha' happened to the crossbars, man? Anyway, you should be able to get new crossbars from Ford to fit your X. Or, just purchase Yakima or Thule towers and appropriate sport racks (skis, kayak, bikes...whatever).

I DO have crossbars on my X for skis and kayaks. For my bikes, I prefer my Yakima trailer hitch receiver rack...easier to mount/dismount heavy bikes.

I had no side rails or anything on mine...when I bought my safari rack. I went down to the local junkyard and pulled the siderails and crossbar for I think maybe $35-45 total. I'd start there if I were you, if no luck then I'd probably use something off of an older X. Just remember to use silicone to seal your you don't end up with leaks. You could purchase from the dealer, but you might as well just grab your ankles what I mean ? Another option is buying a safari rack like Yakima,Thule, or Surco...any of these will come with the brakets to mount straight into your side need for crossbars. hope this helps..