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roof or on?


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December 11, 2010
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Oklahoma City, OK
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'04 Eddie Bauer
Hey everyone, i was wanting you all's opinions on whether i should keep my roof rack off or put it back on, i like the look with it on and off, just cant decide...
No rack

With rack

thanks guys!

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Since its mostly for looks, just flip a quarter and let GW decide.

yeah your right. thanks IZ!

I vote no rack, but put the cake and balloons back on the windows... :D

For lifted trucks I like the rack on but lowered i think rack off. Some lowered trucks can pull off the rack though. I say if you have it rock it.

Roof off is for the street look, with chrome wheels tint 20s and possibly lowered. It looks as if u have a lift or road style, roof on for sure. Rack and lights would also complement. Maybe a bull bar, tow hooks ...... Sorry I'm going on with my Xmas list

oddly enough, i think it looks better off