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Roof Rack on 02 Sport


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October 7, 2008
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Richmond Hill, GA
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'02 Sport
All right, I just got done searching 'Roof Rack' and came up with squat, so I'm gonna pose this question to you guys. Anyone have a roof rack that you can secure a spare tire to on your truck? I'm looking for inputs from anyone, Sport or anything, cus I'm starting to heavily think about doing this. Also, do you guys think it would look good with a roof rack/lightbar on the roof, or do you think it would look silly? Thanks in advance guys. :salute:

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Its not on my Explorer But my Cherokee, I have Yakima Bars with a Load Warrior, I flipped the Load Warrior's brackets to get it to sit closer to the roof.



I don't have any pics with my spare up there but i just rachet strap it in the basket

How much did it cost total for you to do that?

it cost me like 50 dollars. but i work for a yakima dealer.

it cost me like 50 dollars. but i work for a yakima dealer.

:/ Hook a brother up, lol. Yeah, it's still up in the air what I want to do. The issue with me is the fact that I can't get my spare off the truck now because of the BL (it covers the drop hole in the rear) so I wanted to relocate it so that I could access it. Any significant differences in drag/top heaviness with this and the tire on there?

i don't really know i put the rack on a week after i got the jeep so i do'nt know it any other way but i wouldn't doubt that i get better gas millage with out the rack. an i dropped the rack to keep ti tight to the roof to minimize the top heaviness in my mind again im not sure if it actually did anything but make it look cool

All righty, I'll prolly end up Photoshopping racks onto my truck and see how it looks. I guess the racks just like bolt on to the stock side racks?

looks better lower!:thumbsup: