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Solved Roof rack part identification

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September 7, 2019
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97' Explorer Sport OHV
good afternoon guys and gals, just curious if anyone has a part number or exact name for this part? Unfortunately it snapped when putting my roof basket on top. I’m looking to replace this plastic mounting part but I can’t find locally for my 2 door 97 sport. There’s a number on bottom but no luck finding any matches.

Any other cheap solutions for cross bars without much modification?




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Ford Roof Rack Support F67z 7855140 AAA​

If anyone is selling I have posted a ISO thread.


Every once in a while you will see them on ebay, but a junk yard is your best bet

Every once in a while you will see them on ebay, but a junk yard is your best bet
The local yard didn’t have any this time :(

Ford Expedition uses the same roof rack so look into that. Mine are getting worse due to ozone. I've repainted them twice and they last maybe 4 years. Sometimes it's a losing battle.

Edit: Just found this on ebay...

Left Side

Left Side, just paint it black...

Ditto, I had was looking for a crossbar for my 98 a year ago. There was a complete one NOS on eBay for maybe $60 or so, and a side rail for around $40 too. I have a bent side rail and my truck came missing one crossbar. I'd keep looking, they should still pop up every so often.