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roof rack


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April 25, 2005
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Richardson, Tx
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'00 XLT 4WD
I am wanting to use my roof rack to mount aux lights on top as many have done on here, although my roof rack only goes about 1/2 of the way to the front of the vehicle. I have a sunroof so i imagine that is why. Does anyone know if i could get the long roof rack "tracks" from another explorer and put them on mine in order to move the crossmembers farther forward? How hard would this be?

I can't answer the question, but just a fair warning from experience. The lights on the roof rack will most likely shift on you. The roof rack doesn't appear as stable as an actual light bar mount will. When I had mine mounted up there, I had to adjust them anytime I want down bumpy terrain (including a dirt road).

Measure your tracks, I have a 95 XLT with no sun roof, I can measure mine and see any difference, though mine seem to stop right where a sunroof would be as well. As far as mounting longer tracks (if they are longer) I don't foresee a major problem aside of drilling the holes and making sure they're straight.