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roof racks for kayaks

fireball 440

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April 3, 2011
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Northern MN
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2015 Police Interceptor
I need to put 2 kayaks on the roof of my Explorer. I searched online and there are about a million and one different roof racks for these trucks. I would like something that is dual purpose so I could put other stuff up there if I need to. What have some of you guys done on here? price range $100-400.

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Hey man,
I usually take kayaks with me during the summer. What I did was I just used the stock crossbars and had these kayak holders that attached to the crossbars. We just used that and tied the boats down.

We needed to carry the kayak and canoe so we threw the canoe over the kayak

Mine doesnt have the crossbars. I ended up buying a set used from a dealer for $150. They attach to the side rails and are about as wide as the vehicle. I've used it twice now and am happy with it. I paid 150, he had them new for 279. I was pretty happy with that!

a pic of the racks I installed, washed and waxed this morning as well :)