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Rough country rear lift?


November 18, 2012
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mount royal NJ
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92 Ford Explorer
hello all, I have a question on rough country lift. I know on rangers the leaf springs on top and you just add 4" of block. I also know i can flip my rear springs but im worried bout the height difference. I have three leafs + overload spring and they were replaced about a year ago. My question is what are you supposed to do when you buy the rough country lift to come up 4"?

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You could buy the kit that has new rear springs for the 4" of lift (an extra 200 - 250 dollars?)

If you put your stock springs over the axle it will probably be 2 inches higher in the rear than the front.

You could do an add a leaf and extended shackles and it might get you close to the 4".

Yea I wound up finding F-150 coil seats in a junkyard for $100 so I'm just gonna flip the rear and the front will be rough country 4" with coil seats so it should pretty nice

Why?? You getting a deal on that lift? Just get a 5.5 lift.about same price and will flex/ ride better than a 4" with f150 seats.

I got a basically brand new RC 4" lift for $400 with pitman arm and steering stabilizer and shocks. 5.5" kits are all $1000 got the front all on just gotta flip the rear.

Think I paid right around $700 for mine and it included shocks.problem with a 4" kit with f150 seats is its going to be a ***** to get aligned.
Doesn't really matter now if you got it already. Post some pics when your done

alignment should not be a problem when your buddy owns a shop and 4 deg. bushings... the problem i have now is the front shocks are too short with the coil seats so i need longer ones and ill def post pics when its done i want to hit Wharton state forest this weekend hopefully