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Rough Driving


October 5, 2019
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2010 Ford Explorer
Hi everyone
i have an Explorer 2010 with 150k miles on it
the car drives fine most of the time but sometimes it does a weird thing when it starts kinda shaking
for example last time i went on a road trip and the road was generally a slight uphill road but at some point there is a long uphill like around 5 min going up when i reached that point of the trip the car started shaking like it's misfiring it's the same kind of shake where you feel the car go back a bit

this happens mostly when i'm going uphill for long and sometimes it happens when i'm cruising at 50 miles and i slightly press on the gas it shakes a bit for few seconds then goes back to normal

if anyone knows what this means or why it's happening please help me
idk if this is related or not but i have one of the O2 sensors broken idk which one
thank you


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March 23, 2014
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2010 Ford Explorer XLT V6
definitely sounds like a misfire. Before you can diagnose a misfire the o2 sensor has to be fixed. if you have not had the spark plugs and wires changed within the last 50k miles that's where I would start.


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February 20, 2021
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2006 explorer limited 4.6
Buy a scanner rather than bring it into the dealer. I had the same missing happen sporadically and the the check eng light came on with a constant reduction of power. It was misfire on cylinder 8. They replaced the spark plug and coil. It cost me $380, $90 in parts $280 in labor to replace one plug and coil. I'm 1300 miles away from home on vacation so I had them do it thinking I would get a reasonable charge. No such luck, it was an authorized Ford dealer also.