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rough idle after new plugs and wires.


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June 28, 2007
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Its a 98 v8 5.0 4x4 eddie bauer. Changed oil yesterday and went to start charging plugs and wire when i noticed i had the wrong set of plug wires.

So i drove it back to the store, got the right box and drove back, no issue (old plugs and wires).

I get to the shop, get the explorer back up on the lift, pulled out the inner fender plastic, and started 1 by 1 as to not cross plug wires. (i think it had the factory wires as the were each numbered) I had also made a quick sketch of how the wires were to go.

Now the truck has rough idle and backfires from time to time, feels sluggish.

so today, i went back trough made sure all the wires were on tight, and removed the shotty heat protectors that came with the wires (as the factory ones are still in place.) and the issue is still there.

-no CEL, power balance test showed idle getting worse with each cylinder.

any ideas as to why?


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September 28, 2006
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93 XLT 4X4
Incorrect gap on one or more of the plugs you replaced or a bad spark-plug, or perhaps one or more bad plug wires in the new set.