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rough idle, dies, rev to 2500rpm's and all O.K.


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July 29, 2006
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Lenoir City, Tennessee
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2000 XLT
Well I don't really know how to put this into a short title. starting last week I started having a strange problem.

1) When I first start the engine (4.0SOHC) it will not idle with out me reving the engine to over 2500rpm's. After like 20seconds of reving it runs fine.

2) if I take my foor off of the pedal, it either just dies or idles extremely roughly at less than 500rpm's. Once again after about 20 seconds of reving it runs fine.

it will do this first thing in the morning or even after it sits for like and hour or 2. The temperature here is 70F+ at night, 95F+ during the day. F for Farenhieght <-don't know if that's spelled correctly.

I do need to do the 00M12 recall but haven't had the time or money lately, I will definetely have to do it before it gets cold.

so my question is this, anyone know what could cause this? is it that the lower intake gasket has gotten so bad that it's causing this? If so how do I check it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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jtsmith, thank you.

I pulled the IAC and it was stuck. I moved the plunger to break it free and used some carb and choke cleaner on it.

as of right now, the rough idle has gone away and it seems fine. I will repost tomorrow after it sits all night to see if this was definetely a clean to fix repair. If it comes back I will buy a new one.

Thanks again.

All is good in the world of my Explorer cleaning the IAC did the trick.

Thanks again jtsmith.