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Rough Idle on 92 Exp. ONLY SOMETIMES


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March 1, 2009
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Monroe, MI
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2006 XLT
Hey guys

when i start my explorer, from like sitting all night its fine, or a few hours, its fine,

but like say I goto the grocery store, for 35-45 mins, when i start it, it idles so low and rough, i have to give it a lotta throttle otherwise it stalls a few times, and when i take off its running rough til i get to about 3500 RPM

any ideas what it is?
its probably something simple,
but im not a mechanic whiz, im real good with the electronics though

i am learning more and more about the engine though lol

1st thing I would probably look at with those symptoms would be the fuel pressure regulator. Run the engine for a minute, then pull the vacuum line to the FPR: if there's any gas in that vacuum line, the FPR is bad.