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Rough Idle only for a minute or two

Jim Jermain

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February 20, 2006
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Madison, WI
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00 XLS
I have a 2000 Explorer with 63K miles. I purchased the car from my parents and they said it was having some trouble idling. They took it to a local Ford dealer and the dealer replaced the plugs, plug wires and flushed the injectors. Right after I bought the car I noticed the temp gauge was not getting into the operating range so I changed the thermostat. That fixed the temp gauge and it also reduced the idle after it warms up. However I am getting a very rough idle for the first minute or two when I start the car in the morning. If it's real cold the car starts and idles just fine. However if the temp is more in the 40's or 50's I get this very brief rough idle.

Any ideas? I did try to clean the IAC and the MAF.