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Rough Idle/ shifting issue


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March 23, 2014
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Eastern CT
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2003 Ford Explorer ST
So I have owned 2 F150's and recently downsized to an explorer sport track. Found an 03' with 103K on it for 5200$ Clean truck has a few minor issues that need to be fixed such has new hubs, shocks, lower ball joints and needs a power steering pump. Couple things have me slightly stumped so joined up here hoping someone could shed some light on the issues I'm having. The AC pump doesnt seem to kick on at all. I have a feeling its Electrical but I checked the fuse and it was fine. If anyone knows any common issue with the ac pumps on the sport trac's it would be appreciated. Also, I believe I have a vaccume leak or bad sensor somewhere. the idle is a little off and the intake seems to be making a little bit of a gurgle. I had put a K&N on it and i think it made it worse, and it started throwing a code for bank 2 O2 sensor Lean. when the truck is going from second to third and sometimes third to fourth it feels like it is going into neutral before it shifts. I don't believe the tranny is bad. I think it is most likely a vaccume leak from the crankcase breather tube elbow on the passenger valve cover or it needs new O2 sensors. Any one have any input?

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