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Rough idle


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May 10, 2002
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N Huntingdon PA
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91 XLT
I have a 3.0 liter engine that when temps outside are 60 - 70 degrees the engine will idle rough for about 10 seconds when first started and then idles fine. When temps are cold the truck will start fine and idle correctly. Any ideas? Once warmed up it seems to idlse OK.

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If it's just for that 10 or so seconds and idles fine at all other times, I wouldn't worry about it. You could try cleaning your MAS and IAC and see if that helps, though. Good luck!

definitely IAC valve. will do it everytime!

Hate to be dumb but, I am not familiar with the IAC valve, at least not by that name. What is it and where is it located.


Welcome to the board! I agree, good chance it's the IAC valve. -
Does anyone have a pic for an IAC to post for golfguy?
Try a search on IAC VALVE also. This subject has came up many times.

I would go buy a repair manual for you vehicle that way
you not only have a pic but an explanation of what the
part is an does not to mention a reference for future
I've also found the Ford dealer can print out a detailed
picture for virtualy any part on your rig since they have
to search for parts all day on their computers.

Found and cleaned the IAC valve. Running much better. Thanks for the info.