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Rough running 4.0L


July 22, 2010
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06 Explorer
My 2006 4.0L really ran rough this morning on the way to work. All of sudden while on the highway, it felt like a tire went out of balance. Really shaking and running poorly. Slowed down to a stop and idled really rough, then ran poorly all the way back to the house. Once I got it home, I shut it off and waited about 10 minutes. Started it back up and its running fine now. Drove to work with no problem.
What could cause this? No CEL.


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Were there any codes that were thrown? Wrench light? When my TPS went, the truck would all of a sudden run really rough and at idle felt like it was running on 4 cylinders. Granted it did throw codes and the wrench light when it happened. As it got worst, the car would go into failsafe mode and force itself to idle (Happened to me in the middle of the highway), shutting the car off then back on right away would fix the issue sometimes and other it would go right back into failsafe mode. Dealer replaced the TPS and all has been good since.

EDIT: I had symptoms too though. Before it did its craziness I realized that when at a stop the idle was a lot higher then normal (normal 550-600RPM, when it was going to go nuts idle 800-900 RPM) when it did that I knew that it was going to act up very shortly.

No codes, no lights. It's been running fine since I shut it off and restarted.
Maybe some dirt/debris in the fuel system?

Could be a dirty MAF sensor. Have you taken off the TB and given it a good cleaning? I took mine off and was filthy.

Now that I remember the first time it acted up it threw no codes no lights, was fine for 2 weeks then it started happening pretty much every time I took the truck out. At that point it started throwing codes, and became dangerous.

I guess I will just keep an eye on it.

for sure. Kinda hard to tell for sure what the issue is without a code. If you the truck throws one post it up, and we can go from there.


Sounds like a fire problem and a hard failure will not always throw a code my thought would be coil pack gettin hot then working when cooled down!