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Rough vibration when stopped


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April 2, 2002
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2001 explorer sport
I recently purchased a 1998 eddie bauer and I am having a strange problem with it. The car is new to me and has about 80,000 miles on it so Im not sure what has been replaced. Anyway, whether the engine is warm or cold, when i come to a stop, the engine shakes and vibrates. Sometimes it gets bad enough where it shakes the car but only when I come to a stop, once i accelerate and get going, everything runs smoothly. Also, when the car begins to vibrate, the rpms rise even though I have my foot off the gas. It doesnt happen all the time, just a majority. What do you guys think? Anyone had this problem before?

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Mine does this too. It is not too bad, and I attribute it to the fact that I now have about 130000 miles. I tried cleaning the MAF, but I dont really know if it helped. Next time I get a couple hours free, I think I will try swapping in some new plugs and wires.

does it want to stall? if so its a vaccum leak. mine did something real similar once before. the engine seemed as though it wanted to shake out of the truck. one of the vaccum lines came off at the intake. you can fix it with some zip ties after you get the vac line back on.

yes, it does act like it wants to stall, I will check the vacuum lines and see if their is a leak, thanks for the input!

I checked the vaccum lines and everything seems to be ok, no leaks. This has stumped me! What is wrong with my car??!?!?!

My car does this too, although it does not seem like it wants to stall. It is more noticable now after i cleaned the throttle body. Im going to change the pcv valve and clean the maf sensor this weekend. Any other ideas that may help????

Rough Idle

My 98 explorer xlt with the SOHC was giving me this problem for a while and i replaced the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets and it fixed it. $17 for the set at Advanced Auto Parts. or you can go to the dealer, wont be much either way. good luck.

Start with the basics, air filter, clean the maf and throttle body and iac. The air flow at idle is very small, so it doesn't take much dirt to affect it. When throttle is open, your flowing so much air that small stuff like dirty bits don't have as much affect.

If the vibration goes away when you increase revs above 1000 rpms, you might want to check the flexplate. The vibration got so bad, I thought the engine mount had broken. Search under flexplate to see if the symptoms fit.

I've read about the Intake Manifold Gaskets and I know the parts themselves are pretty inexpensive. Is it a difficult job to undertake considering that I am relatively new at working on my car? Is there anyway I can check to see if I actually need new gaskets??

I will also look into the flexplate to see if that is the issue. Thanks for all the help. This forum is better than any book you can buy.

def check for vacuum leaks and check your codes, check your Maf and Map sensor, check ingnition wires and plugs. Im working on the same issue atm.