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Roush Explorer


September 10, 2010
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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2002 mountaineer
I got bored, what do you think? ........I'm pondering the idea of chopping my factory bumper at the body line and grafting on a fiberglass mustang bumper, I already purchased the Roush scoop but with my redneck photo shop skills I couldn't find a way to add it to the picture and make it look good ..... I always say when you cant find what you want.... make it yourself!


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Hmm...I like it. I don't think the lights in the grille would look that good, but the rest looks good

I like it, was thinking of doing an X Lightning version to mine, but may have to figure out how to do that

i think it would look good if the lights on the grill were behind the grill.....

agree lights behind the grill !

I like it but I think you should add darker headlights
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i like!