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May 16, 2008
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Pittsburgh, PA
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'00 sport
Is it normal to have the RPM's around 2200-2500 when on the highway doing between 60-70 MPH? And is there a way to lower that so your at 2000 or lower ?

Vechile info 2000 Explorer Sport 4x4 with auto 4wheel sensor
4.0 SOHC
K & N airflow systm Fifk 2nd gen
Crankcase breather mod
PCV filter
Custom cat back exhaust ( 2 1/2" pipe )
Flowmaster 70 series muffler Dual in/out
Magnaflow Resonator tips
Indexed spark plug With Motorcraft Platinum Plugs
Magnecor Wires
Screamin' Deamon Coil Pack

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That is normal. You don't want lower than 2200 RPM. To low and you will be putting too much of a load on the engine causing you to loose mileage.

i have the v6 OHV, and when im doing 60 my rpms are at 2000, and when i acelerate to 70 its still less than 2500 rpms. so im asuming this is normal for you aswell

That's exactly where you want that motor. It is weak below 2k rpm anyway, and wouldn't overcome the drag very well. Your mileage would probably actually drop if it run much lower.

I have a 1999 ford exploder sport 4X4 with new buck shot 265X75Xr16"s ever since the tires were mounted my power went strate to hell. what can i do to get some throttel response and gain some hp??????? and i would desperatly like to ditch the traction controll ive taken the module out , taken the fuse out and the relay and the front tires still bite??? am i dumb or is this a lil more extensive thn i thought?

How much taller are the new tires compared to the old?

Traction control?? Front tires "bite"??? Are you trying to turn this into a part time 4X4?