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RSC service now, traction control


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December 7, 2013
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Chicago IL
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2009 Ford Explorer
For days I would get a wrench icon pop up...then go away. Today I started car, and as I got down the driveway...RSC Service Now pops, chimes, and the traction icon pops up....still idling, but will not accelerate at all. I turn car off and restart all clear.....WTF!

Any ideas?

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Run over to Autozone and have them pull the pending Diagnostic Trouble Code(s). That will give you a pretty good idea what to start with.

Here's an example...

Exact same thing was happening to mine a week ago. Turns out it that both front wheel bearings were shot. Replaced them and haven't had a problem since.

I had the same problem with my 2010 EB. Has happened 6 times. I now have it at the dealer waiting for an engineer from Ford to show up and diagnose the problem. I have had 4 throttle bodies installed on it and multiple sensors, gas peddle assembly etc... I have to say that at least Ford has stepped up to the plate and is willing to get this issue fixed. The codes you will most likely see are for the throttle body, this is what mine keeps telling me. I will keep you posted on what the engineer finds.

That is soo crazy.

When the technician told me I needed a throttle body I nearly choked him.
They could not explain why there were 7 codes related to the throbbed body.
I told them to STOP.
There are no true mechanics any more...all they do is read a screen these days. problem only happened when the temp got to a bone chilling level...-15 and lower.

I have since changed out my wheel hub...nothing since

Let me know what happens..I'm sorry for all the cash you've shelled out.

Thanks Fred, I keep asking them to check the wheel bearings, I had both fronts changed out prior to the throttle body issues. One of the dealers in Mass told me they found a bad connection with one of the wheel bearing sensors. I'm hoping that when the engineer shows up that I get to talk to him. The dealer does not want to do more than they have to. I do have to say that the customer service reps that follow this forum are great. They have helped out quiet a bit since I posted my issue. I just want my Explorer back at 100%. Every code that is showing up is pointing to the throttle body.