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Rubber Weatherstrip Under Pillar Windshield Moulding


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April 30, 2017
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2013, Ford Explorer, XLS
2013 Rubber Weatherstrip under drivers side pillar moulding. I need a source and/or part#. Rubber weatherstrip ripped off from the wind.

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Nope.....the rubber piece that goes on top of the base plate and under the pillar trim. About and 1" wide and goes from the bottom of the windshield to the top. Been a "B" to find.

Did the 'A' pillar come off as well or just the rubber strip? There is a rubber strip that looks to be about an inch wide shown in a couple of the pictures right next to the windshield itself. Is that it? Any chance you could provide a picture?


I'm having same issue on 2016. Any ideas?

I can't tell if I need whole or lower (link below pictures). I've also read a lot of people end up cracking the plastic cover... And I've also found the whole kits suggest you do it on windshield replacement.

Attached photos. Passenger side already missing and now drivers side is going. Texas :).