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Rubicon-Aug. 28-Sept. 1st.


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April 19, 2000
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Hi guys,
The FAKRWEE tribe is reporting in. We had a great time at Moab and a lot of fun wheeling and getting to know a lot of you. Unfortunately as soon as I got back on Tuesday I had to go to work and out of contact with computers.

I'm thinking of going to Rubicon on the week of August 28 thru Sept. 1st, the week before Labor day and would like to get a small group of 6-7 hard core rigs together to assault the CON. The reason I say hard core is because the Con is EXTREMELY difficult. It's 22 miles of pure tension. Moab was nice trails with some obstacles but Rubicon is 20 miles of obstacle with only 2 miles of trails. It takes a minimum of two days to complete the 22 miles and thats pushing it.

The other point is experience. I would like to see drivers have 4-5 years experience with their rigs. I'm not trying to form an elitist group or anything but Rubicon is not the place to practice. Even experienced drivers and rigs should expect body damage and breakage. I know, on my last trip I snapped my radius arm and was stranded for two days on the mountain. On the Moab trip I saw a lot of drivers in tough spots panic and hit the gas, This will not work in Rubicon. 1st it's dangerous due to ravines on the one side and sheer walls on the other. 2nd you will break your vehicle if you force it. To prepare for this trip and crawl as slow as possible I've installed the Atlas II transfer case with 4:3-1 ratio.

I know this sounds pessimistic but believe me there is no other feeling like completing this trail

If anyone is interested let me know.

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Is Ralph coming up to do the run with you or do you need somebody riding shotgun? I'd be interested in doing that. I imagine there would be opportunities for some great photography. I've heard enough about this run to salivate at just the thought of having a chance to do it.

'99 Sport 4wd SOHC

I'm moving this thread to the "Serious Explorations" forum.

Tom, this also conflicts with the Colorado Fall Colors Run now scheduled for Labor Day weekend.

I want to do both! What do I do???

Rick Horwitz, AB7FH
Ricks Explorer

Hi Peter & Rick,
Peter I don't think Ralph will be able to take the week off. I'd be happy and honored to have you along as shotgun and photographer. You'll be extra safe because I'm installing a full roll cage.

Rick the week I have in mind is the week before Labor day. I have the whole week off and I am flexible with the dates. It also depends on how many people are interested in going, I'd like a minimum of 3-4 rigs. If not I'll probaly end up doing one of the other runs.

Tom, the timing works out great for me. I need to be at home over the Labor day weekend. I have company coming and also have an annual BBQ for neighbors and friends at my place. I was already feeling sorry for myself about having to miss the Colorado Colors run. The Rubicon would sure make up for it.
I think we talked about your roll cage in Moab and you were trying to decide if you're going to make it interior or exterior. Any decision?
On the other hand, it won't bother me if it's not installed yet. I sometimes might seem like the cautious type, but that is somewhat misleading. I just don't jump into things recklessly, I'm more the calculating type.
I appreciate the chance to ride with you and look forward to it.

'99 Sport 4wd SOHC

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I will be doing the Rubicon in July the weekend around the 22nd and the 23rd. This is about 2 weeks befor the J**p thingy so the trail should be just a little more of a chalenge, and a little cleaner. We plane on leaving from Loon Lake on friday and ending the trail on sunday afternoon. We will be camping at Spirder Lake and Buckisland Lake. At this time there will be just myself (in an Explorer) and my son (in his J**p).
I posted on this befor and got some feed back, but the post seems to have gone away. This is only my 2nd time on this trail so a little help in the trail guide department would be nice, as well as anyone who would like to come alone on this little adventure.

Hi Jerry,
Sounds like a good plan. My problem is time. I travel a lot doing seminars and work a lot on weekends, the ones I have off I usually spend at home with the better half. But let's stay in touch it's a small world.
If you can wait that would be great. I think a couple of hard core jeepers from Canyon land are going with me. They are a fun bunch of good old boys.

Rubicon trail

That's my problem also the days of July 17th through the 26th are the days I have set aside to do this run, as all vacation time has to been set up by the end of the preseeding year, and are set in stone.
If your schedule has a change let me know can we'll look for you when we get up there, as for the family, hey bring them along.

I'm interested. Already got the body damage. :)

I can even go on both dates! But, I'd probably like to go in July, so I can do the colors on Labor day.

That would be great if you could join us in july. I would really like the get a few more riggs to go. The last time I got some great comments from some people on the trail.
Keep in touch and maybe we'll see you up there in july.

Tom, I was up at Lake Tahoe earlier this week. With me was my nephew who's visiting from Germany. He's never been fourwheeling, so I took the opportunity and scouted around a bit. Found the end of the Rubicon, so figured 'What the heck, let's give him a little taste'. You probably remember that I'm stock. We went in about a 1/3 of mile or so (after the 2-3 miles of paved and gravel road that get's you to the actual trail).
As you said in one of your earlier posts, rocks, rocks and more rocks. Nice scenery though, but then, it's TAHOE. Since we were by ourselves I didn't push it too much and turned back fairly soon.
My nephew got a little taste of 4wheeling (he thought it was great) and I got a little taste of the Rubicon. All in all a great experience for an hour or so.
Looking forward to do the whole trail with you the week before Labor Day.

If you find you can't do both this run and the fall colors run then you are more than welcome to join us in July.

Hi Peter,
Glad to hear you got a taste of the CON. The road you took takes you to the first obstacle which is called Cadillac Hill. Usually the trail is travelled the oposite way so you come out the way you came in. The entrance is thru a place called loon lake. Anyway I'm looking foward to it. Rick is still undecided which run he will attend. I hope he can make it but he has a fan club which he must take care of. It would be dinoooomite to see his rig on the CON with the axle swap. Besides we will have a renowned photojournalist(You) to document the trip and film a documentary. Anyway how does meeting on Monday the 28 to start the trip on Tuesday sound to you.
I havn't recieved many takers yet, but I guess it conflicts with the Labor Day weekend everyone has off. Or maybe I was too Pesamistic on my original thread. But if you have 33in tires at least one locker and patience we WILL make it thru.

Thunderhorse let me know when you get back any feedback on conditions of the trail. Happy trails.

T.Davis please keep your wheels on the ground and your ..... wired tight. Your giving Navajos a bad reputation (he-he)

You'll get it a full report on the trail and the other people on it. After your run we'll have to compair notes and see just how much the j**pers tear it up, maybe at Truck Haven in jan 01.

Tom, I'm leaning towards Rubicon. It sounds super exciting. I just need to make sure the truck will be up for the adventure. I plan to start putting it through it's paces as soon as it leaves the shop. I also won't go that far unless I have a good supply of spare parts for the new axle such as a tie-rod, at least one spare hub and some rod ends.

Rick, if you decide to go I could carry some of your extra parts in my rig. I'm also trying to convince Rick Russell from sidekick to come along, But it's a long shot. Anyway it would be a blast to see the faces on the jeepers as we go by and smoke em. I think once your rig is debugged you should have 0000 problems on the trail. The way you are going to be set up you should try for the Rubicon Pirates. Next week I'm going to install the 35sx12.5x15s. I'll either go with the claw or a Pro comp Series. What have you heard on the claw for highway use. Will they last.
Talk ta soon

Tom, I've been checking up on this 'little' trail. Loon Lake, Little Sluice, Big Sluice, Buck Island Lake, Rubicon Springs, Cadillac Hill, read all about 'em.
Can't wait for end of August to get here. Meeting on Monday, 8/28, and hitting the trail first thing Tuesday sounds good to me. Are you planning to stay in a motel in Placerville or Cameron Park or camp at Loon Lake or Wentworth Springs? Either is fine with me.
It would be great if Rick could make it. A Navajo and a Explorer with just about the best offroad setups available on the Rubicon would be an awesome experience.
I just hope nothing comes up to kill our plans.

Peter, I think we should get a good nights rest at Placerville and leave next day at the crack of dawn. We could make spider lake our first stop and next day maybe do some fishing or exploring before we head out. But let's see what Rick thinks if he decides to go.

Hey Tom, Did you get that roll cage installed in your rig yet? Do you happen to have any pictures of how you got it around your dash and any other tricky spots in the Explorer? Just currious is all. If you don't its no biggie.

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Hi Ryan, I still haven't gotten around to the rollbar yet. My installer fourxfour Dr. in Burbank just finished installing the advance adapter atlas transfer case and I also had him install double shocks all the way around. He had to custom make the hoops for the shocks and use a fork lift to max out the travel. I learned something neat, if you want to control side way body roll the shocks should angle backward and in. The backward angle controls the bodyroll and the inward angle let's you install longer shocks. He ramped it on a RTI ramp and it ramped almost a 1000, He was very surprised being a jeeper. Well be cool and be safe.