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Rubicon carnage...


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January 17, 2000
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Well, we got through it.

I'm starting a new thread, for talking about the rubicon trail. That way, both groups can compare notes in one place!

We made it all the way through, with no flats, no mechnical problems. We did however run into an Explorer that had problems - it had a missing c-clip and splined washer on the passenger side axle/spindle. It basically got strapped out.

There was a close call on one spot - Ji almost tipped over, when he started down a ledge. Talk about a seat clincher! I think he's still kinda cleaning up after that one. :D

We only had two stucks - one thunderhorse got his front diff stuck on a big rock (I strapped him back, he did it again - and I strapped him back, and told him not to take that line again!) I got stuck on cadillac hill - a rock garden with some HUGE rocks. I slipped off, and got both the front and rear diffs caught. Winched off that one.

The trail is really, really rough this year. There are some extreme off-camber situations. There is some great rock crawling. Little Sluice we didn't even try. Big Sluice is ugly too. More to come as we recover from the trail.

Pictures to come; I know some of you are pins and needles, wondering what's it like.

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<gasp> you mean you were on a trip and someone else nearly tipped and you didn't? Heh heh just kidding man... sounds like a good time! Definately one I'll have to make it out for one of these years...

Tom, sounds pretty exciting. How many days did it take you to do it? I am pretty impresed that you guys were able to do that trail. From everything I have read its pretty dang tough. Trail wise and exhausting wise.

Boy Matt one of these days you will have to do that trail just so you can earn the name you put on your truck. :) Since others seem to tip over more then you have.

yeah I know, I think I have to take away the nickname tippy now, Im usually the wuss that leaves it on four-wheels, LOL.

Thumbs Up?

Only Tom could name a thread "Carnage" and tag it with a "thumbs up" icon.

Rubicon July 2000
Participants: MatR, Chad, tdavis, JI, Thunderhorse and son.
Matt and Chad thought it was a little too rough for Matt's truck (good thinking Matt) so they rode along to Spider Lake with us, then hiked out to Matt's truck. They should have some great video through the Little Sluice and to Spider Lake. This is a nice camp site but I wouldn't swim in this lake. The water is dark and the lake looks dead. I think Tom and Ji thought we were lying to them all weekend: "From here on it's not that bad". Well, it just kept getting worse and worse, this trail was nothing like the one I remembered from last year. The sections that were a cake walk then were extreme now and the extreme sections were down right scary (can you say pucker factor of 10+). We ended up helping 3 or 4 other wheelers out with a little welding (Ready Welder), tools and advice.
We did come out a day early, only took two days, as we got to Buck Island Lake early. Buck Island Lake is a very pretty place and the water is crystal clear. We played in the water and hiked around till about 2 then it was time to 4wheel again.
Body damage was sligh to moderate. Tom put a few more trail marks on and even got one door to close better. I got both doors an the right side pretty good and the rear bumper. I think Ji just got a little ding on his 1/4 panel (way to pick a good line Ji)
Advice, CHECK YOU BRAKES, Tom and I both had very poor brakes by the end of the trail.
All in all was a great run, we had a ball. Looking forward to the next one.
Pictures as soon as i can get back and get them up some where.

Re: Thumbs Up?

Originally posted by GJarrett
Only Tom could name a thread "Carnage" and tag it with a "thumbs up" icon.

Well I have to agree with Tom here. Two weekends ago I went and did a moderate trail. The only thing I managed to add to the character of my rig was two new deep scratches from tree branches. I was hoping to do more but I guess not. :D To me that is part of the fun in 4 wheelin. Not purposly getting damage but looking back on it and going awww yeah! :) Course thats just me there.


First pics are up at

Gerald - it was lots of fun, yet scary at times. We got lots of looks from the jeeps/toy's, and they always stared at the body damage on my truck.

So why else should I not give it carnage with a thumbs up? :D :D

Thunderhorse - glad to hear you got home ok!

I'm assuming that when the jamborees go through, some of the more extreme sections will be filled in - the off-camber one on the trail to Cadillac hill just scared me and Ji pretty good.

Great pics.
The damages on the brakes comes to about 800 dollars dealer cost. New master cylinder, two wheel cylinders and rear linings. I say again guys/gals CHECK YOUR BRAKES!
Still scanning pics will be up later.

Hey Tom,
Good pictures.! :)
Maybe my truck will be ready the next time you go. :D

Tom, great pics. That's some beautiful scenery there, as well as some pretty rough terrain. I'd definately need the big lift for that. :)

I took a little time to peruse the Moab pics as well. Even though I was on other runs both days, it brought back some memories. I could almost see Rick's truck hopping over double whammy.

Glad ya'll had a nice time, without too much damage.

Man, It looks like you guys had a blast. I would have loved to been there but I wasn't up to listening to Tom and Ji b%$ch about my open diffs everytime they pulled me off a rock:D LOL!!! Great Pics, hope to make it next year.

Here's more pictures:
Dead Link Removed

Ji has work and a meeting tonight, but wanted me to post the pics for you... my poor truck...and it's almost soccer season!!! :p


Great pictures guys! Sounds like you had a really good time. Can't wait until I can get the time off work to head down there myself!!!Dead Link RemovedDead Link Removed

Great job guys! I sure hope my rig will be ready for a Rubicon trip this year. Hmm... I just hope my rig is ready this year.

Welcome back guys. Great job. Did you see anyone trying to do the little Sluice. How come you did it in only two days and didn't take the three you had programed. What was the hardest part of the trail besides all of it. Are you going to do a write up. Sorry for so many questions but I'm pumped up on expressos and on 33 days and a wakeup.
P.S. RICK YOUR RIG WILL BE READY. I've included it in my nightly prayers.

I'm HOME!!!!

Well Everyone,

After Rubicon on Friday, Chad and I went to the six flags in vallejo, then san fran, then, crescent city, and then home here in washington. What a great road trip.

Once again, I have to thank Ji, Jerry(Thunderhorse), and Tom(tdavis), for being so cool, and letting my buddy Chad, and I ride along. It was so awesome, we haven't stopped talking about it since we left!!!

Definite Advice for those of you planning to make this trail, don't do it unless you have a good chunk of lift, I had 2.5" suspension, and 2" body running 33s and I would of killed my poor truck!

Of course tomorrow I'm going to pick up the rest of my superlift 5.5" kit that was SUPPOSED to be here BEFORE rubicon :( .... Should I mention that Chad, and I are now going to spend the next month fixing up our trucks! He's placing an order for a lift for his S-10 pretty soon here.... Think Rubicon got to us? :)

The pictures I took are great! I have some really amazing action shots, like when Ji's gas cans fell off the back as he powered it up some rock. The video came out great too, and Chads going to get some clips up for you guys. My favorite, is the clip we have of when Jerry got high centered, and Tom pulled him off the rock, only for him to start driving while he was still strapped up! You can here Joel(Jerry's Son) yelling "You're still strapped!, You're still strapped!!!" :D...

I'll try and get all of my pictures up here tomorrow(wednesday).


OK guys,

My pictures are up finally, I wrote a little description next to each link, that way you don't have to look at all of them to find the pictures of your truck. All pictures are 640X480.

The link is:

So who's doing the write up..? Whoever is definitely needs to put in the picture of tom's truck the I really like....

Oh, and I'll talk to Chad about the video..


Feeling Humble...

We were planning on spending some time in the Bay Area and hooking up with Tom this weekend, but after seeing your pictures I got homesick (lived there for 4 years) and we dashed up to Tahoe after my meeting in SD. We spent a day on the Rubicon, coming in from Tahoma, and kept to the sissy stuff. Came out with only pinstriping and "new modified, custom" angled running boards. Thanks for posting your pictures! I would not have gone up without them.

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July Rubicon run write up & pics

Some more pics and a brief write up on the run. My son (Joel, the one with the J**p thingy) constructed this page.