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Rubicon carnage...

Hi Thunderhorse and welcome back. Those are great pictures and report. We're gearing up to go and we're 20 days and a wake up away. I talked to some people from the Jeep Jamboree and this year they are planning to de-stack the rocks as they go along. It seems they got a lot of complaints from regulars and other people about trail ethics. The unwritten rule is if you stack them de-stack them for the next person. Anyway any advise you can give us on the trail conditions and things to watch out for will be greatly appreciated.

The trail is very tuff (read good) this year, compaired to last year it's like a fire road to a diamond trail. Best thing I can tell you is to go very slowly, and pick your line carefully. We were told, last year, the j**pers de-stack, but did not see any proof of this. For Y2K the B.L.M. has closed all but one line at the begining, with their little stick signs and large rocks. And, watch your trail leaving Spider Lake, it's very easy to go down Lost Trail, and you don't want to do that.
It's a great Trail Run and test of both driver and rig, have a ball. Looking forward to seeing some great pics.