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January 15, 2002
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making a trip to the rubicon next week, me and a couple buddies are going up, im not taking my x because its not ready, but my buddies x is ready, plus a couple jeeps and i think we will have some fun, im bringing my camera so i will definetly take some pics, its gonna be fun, we are going up capming at loon lake, taking a few days to do the con and then coming back for a few days of fishing and a lot of beer and just a lot of fun, i need this after what i have been through the last couple of weeks, women are such *****s sometimes but you cant live with them and cant live without them, thats what i've learned,also when my rig is ready we will do the rubicon again sometime in the summer if anyone is interested, i know some of you live around here like fakrwee, tdavis and some others, so let me know if you want to go, it should be a blast

Have fun going up there. Are you going to be there for memorial weekend. Also havent herd if it is open on the tahoe side yet. I am trying to make a trip up this summer sometime to run the trail again. If you are up for the weekend make sure you get some pics of the crazies playing in the sluce.


So how did it go and did you get any pics?