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Rumble strip vibration 2004 limited v8


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February 22, 2012
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buffalo ny
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2005 explorer 4.0 4x4
hey i had this explorer for about 6 months now, it has bought it with 115k now it has about 120k. the only real complaint i have is that when im coasting between 45 and 50mph I get this pretty noticeable on and off vibration like rumble strips. if i downshift out of overdrive its much more significant, if i shift into neutral it goes away completely. The transmission shifts perfect, and there is no vibration under hard accelerations.

All the wheel bearing are tight, replaced the U Joints and all the tires are balanced. im not sure if this could be a half shaft issue or not. if i put the truck in 4 high the vibration doesnt happen. so im thinking that takes the load of the rear of the truck.


2004 Eddie Bauer

At 85k I am experiencing similar problems. I always have the rumble strip effect when slowing down, not accelerating. Trans, drive axles, diffs, and drive shafts all seem fine. I had a Transmission Tech drive mine and he said, it acts like its trying to go into 4 wheel drive. So I took it home and removed the front drive shaft and the vibs went away. Not sure exactly what this means and I'm looking for further directions.