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Running Board Problem


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April 4, 2011
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Amsterdam, NY
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'99 XLT
Hello All...
I have a '99 XLT 4door 4wd. I am the second owner and it has had aftermarket similar to OEM running boards on for YEARS. Well the rockers and door pinch welds needed a little paintwork so I took them off. They look horrible and have cracks in places, I will not be putting them back on. After taking them off I discovered that my rocker panels have all the drilled out mounting hole for the "REAL" running boards.
My question is. Utilizing the same original panel clip holes; will the low profile rocker panel molding fit? Or do I need to replace with running boards? I have neither at this time and will be looking for a set of SOMETHING in the near future as my paint project finishes. I just want to know what my options are. Also, I don't want to just plug the holes or skim over with body tape, I want it to have a very stock appearance.
Thanks for any and all help.


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Factory running boards and factory rocker skirts both use the same holes...

Thank you...SO, if Anyone has a set of running boards OR skirts they would like to part with, please let me know. Color is not important. Thanks.



Thanks for the info Joe Dirt...I just found a set of complete side skirts at a local salvage yard. A little fresh paint and will be good to go.


Awesome! :thumbsup:

Be sure to use a good quality paint and clear to minimize chipping...