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Running two car radios.. possible?


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March 30, 2005
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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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2000 XLT, 4x4
Ok here is my goal. I want to leave the stock ford am/fm/cass radio in the dash and i am going to buy an overhead console to mount my cb. I was also going to mount a kenwood cd player tuner up there and run it off the same cables as the stock unit. meaning i could use both. i was aiming at tapping into the speaker wires behind the stock head unit. I want to know if this is possible, and has anyone ever done this...
any commments would be really apreciated

here is a link to the console i want to mount on the roof:

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It can be done, I've done it. Does your stock HU have a CD changer port on the back? It'll have a CD button on the front? If it does the easiest way to do it is to get an Auxilary Input convertor which gives you RCA inputs you can hook your Kenwood HU into. For power just run wires off of the harness on the back of the Kenwood from the power and switched power wires and tap them into the same wires on the back of the stock unit. You can find the Input convertors at as well as other places.

Search for Auxilary Input Convertor and you should find a lot of information on the subject.

thanks for your reply. is there anywhere that you have some info on your customer hu install?

i just realised when i pulled my radio out that ford have done the dodgy on me! i have a late 2000 plated explorer xlt. but they have put in a priemium steoro that they were using up to 1997.. i checked the model numbers. im so confused right now!

yeh but i cant find the cd changer port. it says cd on the front and its changer compatible but i cant find anywhere to plug it in. while doing some searching i found i have the model radio: F87f-19 B165-bb (this is from the radio). This is the premium am/fm/cass radio ford put in exlorer models up to 1997 i believe.. its half size at the back and full size at the front when you pull it out.
Confuse you even more :(
I think i might go to an ipod conversion

On the back there should be two plugs. One that is rectangle where the factory wiring harness plugs into it's 16 pins I think and another that is more square that has 20 pins I think? There is only one plug back there?

there is one square plug with about 16-20 pins, and a long striaght plug with about 8 pins at most...
thanks for you help. i think its all going to be too difficult because i cant find anyone to send radio parts to me from the us. so im going to run my ipod through the radio

Ok that's right you have an older radio. The long straight one is where the radio harness plugs into the the square plug is the CD changer port plug. A input convertor plugs into that plug and has RCA jacks on it to connect accessories to. It also has another plug for a CD changer so you don't loose that ability. None of the stores will ship to Australia?