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Runs bad after trans swap?


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November 1, 2005
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So today i changed the transmission in my '93 explorer (4.0 v6, a4ld trans) with a brand new (rebuilt) transmission i ordered. and i noticed two problems....

first problem is with the engine, when it gets to about 3,800 or 4,000 rpm in any gear, the engine acts like its hitting a rough rev limiter, and just has no power above that point.. it also seems to generally have less power at rpm's. (before the trans swap it pulled hard to red-line) so all i can figure is that i knocked off some sensor somewhere, or disconnected something... but i can't find anything wrong. i spent like two hours looking. the CEL does not come on. it will rev to redline in neutral. i also noticed when i take my foot off the gas (revving in park), the rpm's come down slower than usual (especially below 2500 to idle)

the other problem is, with the new trans (and torque converter) it seems to stall at about 3,000 rpm which seems way too high. did i get a jacked up torque converter?

any ideas?