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Runs Rough, Low Power, Sometimes Will Not Start! *fixed*


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December 16, 2005
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Central Islip, New York
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1991 Explorer 4X4 EB
While driving home on the highway (55mph) out of the blue my Check Engine Light came on, started to run rough, surges, and stalled out. I shifted down one gear and let the clutch out to start it up again. Runs fine for about 15 minutes, then goes into a rough low power mode, surges, then the check engine light comes back on. Roll start it again, same problem. It backfired/misfired one time, too. It runs like it's on 3 cylinders. It was harder to start each time and now it won't start. Is it a fuel pump problem or?

Runs Rough, Low Power, Sometimes Will Not Start! Part II Resolved!

I noticed the air intake tube was slightly offset! Upon closer inspection the clamp was broken and air tube disconnected. After replacing the clamp and putting the air tube back on it starts and runs as it did before! I'm guessing because the air mass sensor wasn't receiving/transmitting the right info the PCM wouldn't send the right fuel info. Duh! Sometimes the simplest things can render you immovable...

Jeeze... you'd think the computer would detect that one sensor was giving out of whack readings and go into some sort of closed-loop limp-home mode when it threw the check engine light. Glad you figured it out though!