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Rust 2006


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August 27, 2009
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Took a look but could not find a thread on this but if there is sorry, I have a 06 exp that i just found some rust starting above the rear plate. Has any one had to deal with ford and there corrosion warranty? I think its 5 years. It reads "Covers rust perforations caused by natural elements. Usually, surface rust is not covered under this warranty"

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is it the body rusting or the bolts for the chrome license plate trim? those bolts rust. I know there are some who have replaced the bolts with SS bolts.

It would help clarify where the rust is and what is causing it. At least to figure out if Ford would cover the problem or if its a screw rusting as stated in a previous post.

no its not a screw the paint is starting to come up just above the license plate. about 6''As stated in the previous post I said its not coming from a screw. just waiting for ford to get back to me droped it off today.

I just noticed mine has a random rust spot too. Near my gas door there is about a 2" area of rust under the paint. The paint hasn't started to crack and the rust hasn't surfaced yet, but I can definitely see the texture.

I noticed a new rust spot building above my rear license plate... so far just a small paint bubble.

Anyone recommend a good place to get touch up paint.. so I can repair this spot?