Rustd out rear rocker panel... Help please. pics attached. | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Rustd out rear rocker panel... Help please. pics attached.


May 9, 2010
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Baltimore, MD
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93 Sport 4x4
Hey guys,
I recently purchased a 93 explorer sport. I had noticed some rust right above the trim on the bottom of the rocker panel so I removed the bottom trim(not sure what its called) and noticed it was pretty rusted out behind there. I was wondering what something like this would cost to be fixed?? Or is it possible to fix on my own (the right way)?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much! I attached pictures. Thanks!




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The right way would be to cut the infected area out. probably all the way up to that lower body line. Then weld in a new piece of metal in place, would have to see if someone sells replacement panels for these or you may have to fabricate your own piece.

Thanks for the reply. I checked out the site and could only see 4 door rocker panels. I would think if they have 4 door panels then they would have 2 door panels. Any insight? Thanks again!