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Rusted out rear rocker panel...HELP Please!

Hey guys,
I recently purchased a 93 explorer sport. I had noticed some rust right above the trim on the bottom of the rocker panel so I removed the bottom trim(not sure what its called) and noticed it was pretty rusted out behind there. I was wondering what something like this would cost to be fixed?? Or is it possible to fix on my own (the right way)?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much! I attached pictures. Thanks!




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new panel and weld it in or rivet it in

1. hit a junk yard or craigslist and find one that does not have rust..... cut the section out of that Ex and weld the replacement in yours..

2. go to the website listed below and see if they have something for you.

3. grab some sheet metal and bend it up to the correct shape, weld it in.

then go get some seam sealer, go over the welded seams, clean it and primer/paint.

you can use rivets but i suggest welding if it is a possibility.

Great links guys!! That is alot of rust and missing steel for a DIY project. Great writeups to get started.

these are a ***** to find for a sport. what i ended up doing was cutting a rocker out of a four door, as well as part of the bottom of the rear door. welding them together, then welding it onto the truck. it looks like someone was in there with spray foam or something at one time.

Thanks for all the replies everyone! I do appreciate it. I was wondering what that foam was. I guess its been messed with prior. I am more then likely going to get it fixed at a body shop. I am just wondering around how much it will cost me? Anyone have any idea? Thanks again! :)

I have a simaler problem on mine, and would love to know how much you get quoted, its been bugging the Sh*t out of me lately to get on that, but then I just keep putting it off, then get pissed again when I goto the carwash and see it LOL.

I'm working on replacing my rockers. That foam was put there by the factory. I think the rust problem is caused by this foam used for sound deading. I had a rear window leak on my 2 door for who knows how many years. The water ran down the fender wells into the rocker panels and just laid there in the foam with no drainage.

The ground effects leaked water into the rockers from the holes. All the parts behind the rocker panels are also rusted and not use able. These parts can't be found. If they can, I haven't been able to find them anywhere.

I had this Explorer since new and never knew the rocker panels were rotting away because the ground effects was hiding it.

Update: I found a body shop that was kind enough to find the part name and numbers for me knowing I was not having them do the work.

I need the left and right side, so this is going to be a hell off a project.

The parts behind the rocker panels were completely rusted out. I was told they are discontinued. If a Ford dealer can find them, the replacement parts are way to much $$$$ for a SUV that's only worth, $4200.00. I can't find them after market or at any of the junk yards in my area. Rusted, rusted, rusted.

I'm working on this as I write. So I'm going to fabricate the parts.

Here are the names and part numbers in case someone wants to go the new part route.

R/Reinforcement XL2Z 98204022 AA $177.18
L/Reinforcement XL2Z 98204023 AA $198.35

R Iner Floor Sidemember F47Z 9810110 A $129.63
L Iner Floor Sidemember F47Z 9810111 A $148.82
Total $653.98