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Rusty's Elite Green Machine

Not sure why it has taken me so long to post up an elite registry but I finally am.

I am hoping to do some work on it in the next few week's months to make it a little more off road capable.. as i have found a few local clubs finally around me.

Here's the story...
As Purchased:
1997 Explorer sport
ohv 5spd manual
Rhino grill guard
smittybuilt steps
lund sunvisor

The explorer had been ran through a field and hit a ditch at about 30mph so the front wheels looked like / \. It had also previously been driven into a brick wall on the driver's side (hence the damage you see in the pictures).

Once i started driving it and found this website i did the TT and shackles and found a set of Kuhmo At's on ebay for $60.

The plan for the next few months is:
2" body lift
32" BFG at's- DONE
nix the steps - Done-
build some sliders
take off the grill guard and repaint- Done
add more lighting
add the cb that is sitting on my dresser- Done
add the head unit and sub in the back

This is a total budget build/ wheeler. I have no good place to work on this as i am renting an apartment but i do work on it in my driveway occasionally (landlord thinks i am crazy)

To much typing .. on to the pictures

First pic is the only picture i have before the tt/shackle..
Next is taken from this past winter
the next ones are from some urban wheeling in our parking lot.


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more pictures of some urban wheeling


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Nice looking Explorer you have Rusty.. One of these days we'll have to finally get together and do some wheeling..

thanks John.. yeah i would love to do some wheelin someday soon. We will have to plan it and try to stick to a date or something. I should be getting my BL and 32's on soon. and i gotta take off the stupid steps... i got hung up yesterday on them.

here is a bad cell phone pic from last week.. with some of the things i have recently put on or painted.. like the 32's and i kryloned the fenders and bumpers.. a few more things to go still though

photo didnt up load.. i think it worked this time!


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nice explorer u got there keep up the good work

couple a more updated pics.
I also added a front tow point, but need to take some pics to show it. Basically I wrapped some chain around the front frame rails and it comes through the opening in the bumper with a d shackle.

I also just joined a local off road club so i can begin to wheel. Land use is so limited in the northeast that i have been restraining from adventuring out and risking illegal wheeling and giving wheeling a worse image.. now with joining a club (South Shore Wheelers0 and becoming a part of the North East Association of 4wd clubs.. i can feel better about supporting a the hobby and legally wheeling on private property with permission!
If you wanna wheel in New England.. you need to look into the nea4wdc!


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Is the left side indicative of tree rash?

i wish i could say it was.. but i bought it like that... part of the reason it was only $200!!

At least now i am not as afraid of some scratches or even the event of some real tree/rock rash!

went wheeling today.. i would have trded this thing for an xj today at any point in the day! it just doesnt quite do as well.


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this is now on CL.. discounted price for you explorer forum friends... just let me know if you are interested.


Bummer! Good luck with the sale though. :cool: