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Ryan's F250/Explorer hybrid

I guess this is what happens when you take someone like me, add someone like Kevin (DWD), and throw in some beer!
Here's the plan. This weekend I'm looking at buying a '79 F250 longbed. It has a 300 straight 6, leaf sprung dana44 front, dana 60 rear. Basically, I'm going to put my Explorer body on the F250 frame.
First things first. I need to rebuild the 6banger, trans and axles. Then, I cut some of the frame out of the F250, bring the dana60 forward a bit. Fab up some body mounts, get creative with the engine compartment and steering linkage coming out of the Explorer firewall. Then I spend 200 or so manhours rewiring, fabbing fuel and brake lines. Then I slap on some new tires (38s?) with 8lug rims and bingo....I go 4wheelin'.
This project doesnt have a 100% green light yet. I have a lot of messurments to take on the F250. If I'm satisfied with my tape messure, then its a go.
This project will obviously take time. My inital calculations for money are around $5000, although thats surely going to climb 20-30% (much like building a house). That cost includes the cost of the vehicle, but does not include tires/rims.

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I figured you'd say something like that! Just dont go braking another blade on the bandsaw:)
I'm getting a headache from all this wiring. Trying to figure out what goes through the computer, such as AC (just an example, the AC was torn out). Looks like the tach goes through the computer as well, going to have to splice into the back of the dash cluster for that one. We havent even begun to look at ignition. Although, we hotwired it, and the 300 roared to life. One smooth running motor!

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Somehow my father got all the wiring sorted out. All the explorer gauges work with the 300. Amazing. I got headaches just looking at all those wires. Also, the ignition works. The last major obstacle we have is to figure out the slave/master cylinders. We can't get enough throw with the BroncoII slave. This is going to be the hardest thing to figure out.
My tires are slowly arriving. The first came today, what a beauty! 37x12.5R17 BFG, actually measuring 36 inches. Lovely.
I'll get more pics up this weekend.

On thursday I get to start messing with the suspension. Oh Boy!

Awesome man. I can't wait to see that thing actually move under it's own power.

Right on! Sounds like it's movin' right along!


she's under her own power!! the pic is of myself and kevin drinking a beer standing next to the Ex-250. The 37s are not on the vehicle yet, we just have one sitting next to us. Kevin, the next time you are up my way, bring your digital camera. mine sucks.

We ended up using a slave and master out of a 84 broncoII, versus just the slave with an explorer master. talk about low range!

Your photo needed some help so we could see it!
Congrats!! :chug:


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The thing is so tall the 37's look small!! Good thing your dad has BIG garage doors :D

That's why he has to "shrink to fit" the tires. There are *" bloacks in the back and he is planing on removing or cutting those down and in the front he is going to remove the 2" blocks and a couple of leafs in the spring to make the suspension at least move.

The engine is awesome and runs smooth as glass. The top speed in the first gear granny is like real slow and once he goes from the current 3.54's to 4.88's he is going to have a great crawl ratio with a bullet proof drivetrain.

Ryan, I will deffinately grab the camera next time and will probably see you friday night.

I tell you, finding the right Ubolts is like pulling teeth.
We pulled the front blocks (2inchers), and 2 leafs (a total of 1 inch). I'll wait to shrink the rear after I get the front bumper (about 200 pounds) and the winch on. Kevin, the reason the front leafs had ZERO bounce was because the old shocks on there were siezed. Its bouncy now. We also flipped the bolts in the rear, so the rear has bounce, and lots of it. I'll work on leaf seperation as I go threw testing.
I'll order my driveshaft in the morning (48 1/4 inches long). Bumpers and all other exterior work will be done this weekend (I'll START the rear bumper this weekend, doubt I'll finish it). I have to put the dash back together, and Rhino line the interior. Then its just a matter of installing the R&P and lockers, and getting the beast licensed.
Kevin, I might end up using your adress to license it, since you don't have emissions.

Cool, did you get the tires on? If your going to be home Saturday after work I can swing by and drop off the camera. I am tired of these posts with no pics:D Keep :hammer: away.

Tires are on. I should have most of the body back together tonight.
My camera sucks, poor quality photos leaving everyone wondering what the hell they are looking at didnt seem fair, so i've waited for you to bring your camera kevin:)

I'll bring it by tonight.

you should put together a write up and submit to of road or peterson's or something.
you are doing a killer job!
i personally would like an alcohol evaluation at the end of the project- how much drank per hour of work on ex and so on:eek:

i can twait to see new picks. this is better than any soapopera i am holding my breath with aniticipation!
keep it up!

[edit] Rick, you should have a feature on the main page for this beautiful project.

Most of the beer drinking is kept to a minimum while actually working, but the planning phase and think sessions require a lot of beer. Correct me if I am wron Ryan.


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Kevin, you are correct. Most of the beer has been drunk during the planning. If I remember correctly, that is how you and I came up with this idea.
I dont drink and work anymore. The last time I did that, I welded my spring perches on the old explorer, and forgot to turn the gas on. Those welds didnt last long, and the next thing I know, Kevin is towing me down a mountain.




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engine bay


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