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Rydinhigh's new ride

Well I got my new to me X about a month ago and figured it was time to throw up some pics of it.

It is a 1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer
5.0L V8 with all wheel drive.
Has 80k miles on it
Heated leather seats
Power Moonroof
Just about every other option you can think of.

Mods so far include

18" Polished Aluminum Cobra Replicas wrapped in 255-55-18 Bridgestone Turanzas
Mac Air intake
Pro-m 75mm mass air meter
Flowmaster 40 series 3" catback exhaust
Clear corner lenses
Painted rear tails.

Mods on the way
Apten chip
Jet Underdrive pulleys

Ok enough talking On with the pics.


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Looking good Mike, can't wait to see it in person :thumbsup:

damn...can't wait to see it tomorrow :thumbsup:

Update 07/14 Installed a ford racing supercharger, superchip, boost/vac guage and mounting pod (thanks to Black Magic for the mounting pod idea)


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Supercharged, eh? Nice truck! What wheels do you have now? I thought I remember you selling the Cobras recently.

Wow!! That's awesome!!! I wish I have the money for one.


i gotta come see for myself

I ended up keeping the wheels. My wife was very nice to me and let me borrow the rest of the money for the blower so I didn't have to sell my wheels. Trust me I am still making it up to her though lol.

Mike whenever you want to see it just give me a call.

Damn cool, man. Are you running stock suspension? What was the mileage on your truck when installed? Are you running stock tranny? Sorry for all the questions. :)

I am running the stock suspension for now. I have 83k miles on my truck and it runs like a champ, yes the tranny is stock.

Can't wait for the supercharger! :cool:

So, what kind of performance are we talking about now that it's blown? How many PSI at WOT? I LOVE superchargers! My last car had one, and the power is just so linear and THERE all the time....no lag. Turbo's excite me, but having driven several "turbo'ed" cars, I just can't get used to how abruptly the power comes on sometimes.

So, you've got the V8 and a blower....Big difference?

bhults, its a major improvement over my old v6. At WOT I am hitting 5-6 psi depending on how hot it is and the humidity. I find its easier to hit 6psi at night when its alot cooler out than it is during the day when its 90 degrees with 100% humidity. I do wish that boost came in a little lower in the rpm range, but once I hit boost I am in it until I let off the gas, even when the tranny shifts. This blower feels just like a turbo car, your driving and waiting for the boost but once it hits you know it.

rfuree11 said:

i gotta come see for myself

Yeah, I have to see this too!!!

Nice job, Mike :D

Still owe me a ride though :)

very funny scormunch wanna run it? lol it actually looks worse in the pictures than it really is.