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?'s about replacing factory amp in a MACH system


March 19, 2010
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Merrillville, IN
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2000 (Pearl White)Limited
I've been reading and searching all morning about the factory amp and even pulled up a wiring schematic via the mitchell software I have.

My plan is to keep the factory headunit (wanna keep steering wheel controls and factory look.) replacing factory speakers with MB Quart ONYX 5x7's,, already replaced factory sub with JL Audio 8w1v2 and realized the factory amp cannot push that speaker. so I purchased a MTX jackhammer JH600 that has the smartengage inputs so no need for RCA's.

?'s I have is:

1: Does the Stock MACH sub amp (2000 limited) have a turn on wire?? the schematic didnt show one.. However it did show a MUTE wire which I'm not sure of the use?

2: Would I be better suited to replace the Mach Headunit with that of a Non Mach variety? I'm wondering if using the sub amp outputs of the factory headunit would be wise or to just use a PAC-OEM2 converter coming of the rear speaker feeds (non mach radio of course)


That sub didn't work on factory amp? I've been being told it would sound fine. I've been in search of a sub, and wasn't really wanting to change everything (ie: sub, amp, and head unit). Let me know if it was really that bad before i make a bad purchase. I may have to reconsider the amp situation. I have seen on here that it is possible to have a new amp on factory head unit, but it just takes a bit of rewiring.

It was not the subs fault,, it was the fact I got the wrong sub. the sub everyone claims works well is the 8w0 i believe. and it has a max power rating around 75W which is ideal for stock amp.

I got the 8w1 which requires significantly more power. however after adding a MTX 600w amp I am impressing pleased! pounds like my last 10inch sub I had.

BTW: I ended up using the stock MACH radio, with a SOUNDGATE hooked to the factory sub output and was much better then using a NON-Mach radio and hooking up to the rear outputs with a HI-input converter.