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?'s about Superlift SOA conv.


Jack from JackOffRoad
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August 26, 2004
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1993 2dr
ok so after 4 door leaf packs, AALs, and warrior shackles the rear of my explorer still sags lower than the front that has a 4" lift. so what can i do? well SOA of course. Superlift makes a SOA conversion that I can get for around $150 that is a no weld way to get SOA. why spend that kind of money when there is a $32 SOA sticky in the forum? well, i cant weld, and i dont trust any of my friends to weld on my axle tubes. secondly, in the spring i am going to re-gear and swap my rear end for a 2nd gen w/discs. so spending money on something i can take off and use again seems logical. or i can just drive around sagging till i get the new rear axle and let someone professionally weld on new perches.

Basically im looking for anyones thoughts on this, need some feedback on what 'you' would do, to help me figure out what im gonna do.

- Jack

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How much lower is the rear? It will be higher than the front with the SOA, no matter what you do. So if that's what you want, go for it.

You could buy a 4" leaf pack to match the front, from Trailmaster, Superlift or Skyjacker.

measurement wise the rear is 1 inch lower than the front but with the slope of the roofline and the fact that the rear wheel wells are lower than the front to begin with it looks worse. after bs'in with my dad while changing the oil we both agreed a weld on perch is better than a bracket perch setup and that if i am going to weld i should wait till i regear. then the topic of leaf packs came up, which are a little more expensive but could be put on now and kept when i change to a 2nd gen explorer rear axle.

some questions regarding SOA or new leaf packs... which are better? does one provide more flex or maneuverability than the other? is one better for the rear end, i.e. pinion angle, tube stress?

thanks for the feedback Colin

- Jack

When you weld on new perches, you set your pinion angle. I've got the Superlift SOA brackets in mine and they work just fine.



New leaf packs are always better than SOA with stock leaf packs. They are generally softer which will allow for more flex. Also keeping the leaf packs under the axle helps with control and drivability and limits the chances of axle wrap.

The only advantage of SOA is get the height for cheap and to get everything out from under the axle for more clearance. I think the cons out way the pros of the SOA.

Froder, with the SOA you have in the pictures here are those your stock shocks or did you have to get different length ones?

Stock length shocks.

im running 4" over shocks, think that would be a hinderance if i went with the SOA kit?

With the Superlift SOA kit, yes. They'll be about 4" too long. :D Unless you mount the shocks to the bottom hole of the sway bar mount, maybe? That looks like it might be close to 4" lower than where mine is lower.

well i guess if it came down to it i could just buy some stock rears.. the ones i have were only $30 a piece. i can get a pair of ass-matics for that price.

The only thing about the superlift kit is you need to cut the shock tabs off the stock mounting plate. If you don't you get dents in the shock like I have.

just curious, Colin, but how much lift are you running up front? I really dont want to have to fool with camber in the front again, just kinda wondering how much that SOA actually got you with the rear. I'm going to look into some local spring shops to see how much some custom leaf packs would cost, ones some lift companies sell are outrageous, imo.

again, thanks for the input.

- Jack

Well, I'm SAS in the front, but it's about a 6" lift. The rear was done by the dude I bought it from and it was the Superlift 5.5" lift. That's what the SOA give you. My stock rear springs are definitely sagging now so I'm at about 4.5 back there, but it was a 5.5" lift.


that is a little sag.. this is how it looked after i put the 4 door leaf packs and aal in the back, but it has sagged since then.


this is a pic during a trip me and some friends took, take in mind though that the back of my truck is weighed down with coolers and tools


i drove my 93 to work today and kept looking at it out in the parking lot.. the more i looked the more the rear end seemed to sag. i couldnt take it anymore so i ordered the Superlift kit while i was working. should be tearing in to it sometime next week. after this though im done until i have money for gears. im serious, no more money. lets see how long that lasts, oh well.

before i purchase the 1160 superlift SOA kit i have a couple new questions/concerns. this SOA kit is from the 5.5" lift and i understand that doing a SOA conversion normally gives you between 4.5 - 5.5" of lift in the rear. well i was thinking and 5.5" of lift in the rear is going to overshoot my front 4" of lift and give a rake, which i dont want. I was on the superlift website looking at their price for leaf packs and notice PN 1148 RR box kit explorer, which is the same description they give the 1160 SOA kit. is this a 4-4.5" SOA bracket? just wondering if anyone has come across this or installed the superlift 4" system and knows what this PN is bc the description and install sheet lack pictures.

thanks in advance,

- Jack

answered my own question.. 1148 is the kit that contains brake line brackets, u-bolts, sway bar mounts, etc... looks like its back to the drawing board, oh well.

Hey Froader, where can I get a hold of the superlift SOA brackets? Im in the process of swapping in another 8.8 cause mine is dead and im thinking while I have everything apart I may as well go SOA and sloped body lift.

you an order them through superlifts website.. or through other 4x4 parts distributors since you have the part number.

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Somewhat related question, would those work on a 2nd gen with SOA?