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S&B tru-rev??

Shinobi Ranger

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March 27, 2003
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Phoenix, Az
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'93 Ranger splash, 4wd
What does everyone think about the tru-rev induction? Do you think it is worth the money, now i already have gibson cat-back, will this increase(noticably) performance at all?
And what company does everyone think, makes the best suspension lift kits? Tuff Country?My website! click

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tru-rev is a great product, i just got it and at about 3g's its loud and im saving gas already, i think it made my gas go up ;) , lol its great though

Some may say it helps and some say its pointless. I thought it helped on mine when i had it. It helped a little on gas and the seat of the pants power. Made it sound throaty too. You cant do any harm by getting though. every little bit helps. I say Skyjacker seems to be the widely liked lift on this site then the Superlift. All depends on what size lift ya want though.

As for the lift, what's year is your truck and is it 2 or 4wd?


my truck

My truck is a 1993 splash, 4wd

Depending on what you plan on doing, slow stuff or fast stuff, there are a ton of options for your truck.

People seem to like the Skyjacker class II kit for your truck. Plus a bunch of Fab/Race shops make some great setups for your rig. I know Camburg has a great setup for a TTB. It's all about how deep your checkbook is and what you want to use the truck for.

Here's a link w/more info.
TTB lift info


Rancho 2.5" Suspension system

When I first began lifting my '94 Ranger truck, I went with the Rancho 2.5" suspension. The ride was firmed up just a little for the use of 31" tires on my stock rims. I didn't need to switch rims, but after going with 32" rims, I liked not rubbing my inner tires on the beefy Rancho radius arms.

I still use the Rancho drop bracketry, radius arms, and rear suspension, but now I have a set of 4" Skyjacker coil springs up front and I plan on upgrading to Skyjacker rear leaf springs to give me better payload and departure angles with the heavy bumper/tire carrier I'm running...

Here is a picture of the 4" Skyjacker/Rancho hybrid suspension in action...


BTW, the Radius Arms are the red bars just behind the front tires. I am also running Rancho's RS 9000 shocks, but for this application, the shocks are too short, and I'm wearing out poly bushings after each off road trip...

Hope this helps,



It's a mice clean install. Works best with a performance exhaust. Alone your not going to get much performance other than sound.