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Sad day


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April 5, 2005
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Millbury, MA
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03 Limited centennial
Well after 247,000 miles the 02 finally meet it match. What was it? the tranny...... nope original one........timing chain......nope it never made a peep....... rear end may be??........nope (but it was on it's 2nd one)

It was the wife :D

We where down by the water enjoying a nice day of jet skiing and boating when going back up to the house to get lunch she decided the truck would look better backed into a tree :wtf:

No not the simple backed into a tree it will buff right out but the dukes of hazzard 4 wheels off the ground hit tree in the air kind :eek:

Well this is no good without pics so here you go:

Here you can see the truck in the wood.

This shows the 4ft rock wall she "drove" off the only way to do this was to put all 4 wheels in the air as neither the front or frame had a scratch.

Pulling it out (I had to spin it around in the woods and back it up on the ramp because of the angle)




Truck still runs and drives fine but it has been retired to yard truck.

I needed a new one and for a few reasons I wanted to stay with a 3rd gen so I got a new to me truck :) It's a 03 limited centennial edition I guess making it a limited limited :shifty_ey

Day I got it



What it looks like now (took the pics same place and almost same angle)



By the way she was fine (thank god) just shaken up, said her foot got stuck on the go pedal (big flip-flops).

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Sorry to hear your baby is gone. :( It is amazing how attached you can get to a vehicle.

I had a 2000 XLT (230k) for only about 6 months and this is what it looks like now. I ended up having to replace it with a 2003.

I miss the 2000 every day. :(

I'm glad to hear your wife is OK. THAT is the most important part.




By the way she was fine (thank god) just shaken up, said her foot got stuck on the go pedal (big flip-flops).

Glad your wife is okay, and sorry to see and hear about your EX. I know how proud you were of that tranny it had in it. ;) :D Maybe pull that old tranny out and polish it up like a trophy and hang it up in the garage. Mount it like 16 Pt Buck! On your new Ex, it looks exactly like mine other than the lower trim color where mine is greyish/silver. Good luck with the new EX and just pulling your chain on the tranny business. :)

Ouch!! Sorry to see that, but I like the black one better anyway;)

Tranny should go the Henry Ford museum.

Glad the wife's okay.

Loving the new one though. How many miles are on the new one?

Glad the wife is okay!

This just reinforces my personal belief that flip flops are evil in general, and especially malevolent when worn while driving! :)

Sorry to hear this and glad the wife is OK!