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SadThe Old Girl is No More - But Wait, There's Hope...!

Thanks Varsity! I appreciate your comments.

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Oh I know how you feel. truly. I've had this happen to me, not once, but twice! Once with a 93 Ranger 4x4 that i got from my father in law for 500 bucks. I put so much work into that truck and it was running like a top but i got to the point where i wanted something better (my 98 AWD my son now drives). I sold that ranger to a friend of my son for 1500. after preaching to him for half an hour about the responsibilities of owning an older vehicle and it's needs he still wanted it. the brake line ruptured and he still kept driving it and adding fluid. I finally had to call his mom about that to get him to get it fixed. then at the beginning of winter I heard the 4x4 was not working and told him numerous times to stop by the house and we'll look at it because, the time to fix something is not the time when you need it, it's right now. He never did and drove through a snow storm and rolled in into a ditch totaling it. thankfully he was ok. the truck is gone.

The other time was I sold my 2001 focus with 220,000 miles to a guy at work who was down on his luck. I told him I was going to post it for 1,000 but i'd take 800 if he wanted it. this car had all new control arms, half shafts, seals, calipers, pads, struts, battery, and alternator. even decent tires. he came into work one day and asked what would cause him to not have any heat. I had him check the reservoir and it was bone dry. we filled it and i told him to check it in a couple days after it equalizes to see if it's still taking it. he never did, kept driving it and then melted it. it overheated and it was toast then he was complaining to me about how that's what you get with an 800.00 car!!! that car purred like a kitten. some people just think they can drive a machine and never check its vitals. and when it goes bad, because of their neglect, its a piece of ****.

Yep. Its a shame. A damn shame.

chef duane if shes gonna junk it i will take it if you can get it from her im in the DFW area and own a 5.0 already and she has been a great and reliable vehicle id hate to see these vehicles go the way of the dinosaur because they are older and having issues but yet are built so well and realiable. she'd make a great addition to my fleet.

I'm not sure what the status of it is currently. If I see the young lady in the next few days I will try to find out and see if it is available.

The Story Continues...

All, I once again talked with the young lady that owns my old Explorer. She said that she had purchased a donor motor for it but has decided that she does not want to mess with it any longer. She is now driving a different car (hopefully she will take better care of it that she did my Explorer!) and will entertain offers on my former '98 SOHC XLT 4x!

So the truck is located about 20 miles east of my location (Plano, Tx.) in a town called Nevada, Tx. (That's Nuh-VAY-duh, not Nuh-VAW-duh. Folks out thataways get kinda' particular about how you pronounce their town names.) That's about 30 miles northeast of Dallas. It still has the old 4.0 SOHC in it and she told me that the donor motor she bought was an 'exact replacement' as told to her by the person she bought it from. Now I really don't know if she knows what that means as I asked was it specifically a 1998 4.0L SOHC engine. She said she thought so. She is no longer seeing her former 'mechanic boyfriend' so he is no help on ID'ing exactly what engine it is.

At any rate, she has OK'd me to forward her name and address to anyone who might be interested in buying it with/or without the donor motor. I have no interested in brokering any kind of transaction and will only provide her name and number to anyone that is interested in the vehicle.

I will answer any questions anyone might have about what I did on the car before I sold it to her but cannot vouch for anything related to the vehicle or its condition as of the date I sold it to her (9/13/16). I provided her a VERY COMPLETE maintenance record that hopefully she still possesses. I also have a complete list of re-fits/mods I did with dates, mileage, item description, etc, if anyone is interested. I also have a complete service record up until the date I sold it to her (9/13/16). These are in Excel Worksheet format so you must be able to open and read a .xls file with macros enabled. I am willing to send this to anyone that is interested but reserve the right to tell anyone to buzz off. You can pm me here or send an email to me direct at SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!! Please don't flood my inbox with superfluous and/or BS email! I reserve the right to not respond and to block anyone as I deem appropriate. Please put something like "98 Explorer" in the Subject Line or your email might be deleted immediately. I trust you guys to not be idiots.

So that's the latest. If anyone is interested, let me know.


@chefduane , please consider making your email harder for phishers to see it, or remove it and just have members just contact you via private messages...

I had to go to Mesa, TX once and thought the name was pronounced the same as Mesa, AZ. I felt like I had started a war when I got corrected, its me-sa.