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Safe Substitute for Ford Torsion Bar Tool?


February 24, 2000
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Anybody have any tips on a safe way to use a gear puller instead of the Ford tool for removing/installing a torsion bar? The Haynes Manual clearly states the puller must have jaws that can be "locked" into position so they won't spread under load. I have been unsuccessful locating such a puller - all seem to have the "s" shaped jaws and moveable anchor points that clearly allow the jaws to spread as the center screw is tightened.

If there's no reasonable substitute, anyone want to "rent" their Ford tool to me to offset the purchase price for both of us?

Thanks all,


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No puller...

I used a floor jack to elevate the adjuster enough to loosen and remove the bolt support plate. Once that was out, I lowered the jack and dropped the adjuster/torsion bar. There is quite a bit of tension on it so stay well out of the way! I did the procedure several times while trying out three sets of bars and had no problems.

I went ahead and used a gear puller, but you are right. Messing with keeping those jaws in place was a pain. It wasn't easy, and I wouldn't suggest letting your fingers get too close to in harm's way while doing it, but it is possible.

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Homemade Torsion Bar Removal Tool

I did the torsion removal replacement last weekend thanks to inspiration from Gerald! My modified gear puller worked like a charm, with a little help from the stock bottle jack. I used two metal "repair strips" (which look like half of a large door hinge), bolted together "sandwich style" through the spare holes in the gear puller arms. These did a great job keeping the jaws together.

The only glitch was during replacement of the torsion bar. I had to use a bottle jack to push the torsion bar adjuster towards the outside of the truck to get the nut back in properly. The gear puller natrually wants to push the adjuster in towards the center of the truck which partially blocks the hole the nut has to pass through. It took awhile to figure that one out and had me worried for a time since I was blocking the driveway and working in the street!

But joy, joy, it's done (removing and turning the torsion bar 1/6 turn.)

Thanks guys for your tips

Congrats! I'm glad our brainstorming via email worked out. I've still got to do mine again and will probably get around to it within the month.