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Sagging door FIXED IN 20 MINUTES

Tony H

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September 4, 2003
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'91 Eddie Bauer
I know I'm a newbie to this sight but I think I have something to contribute.

It sounds like sagging door hinges are a biggy to Explorers and I've been reading that it's a bear to get under the dash to unbolt and bolt new hinges.
Well I went out to my local Autoparts store to the HELP area. You know the Wall with all the red boxes that say 'HELP' on them.

Door Hinge Repair kit # 38410 is the ticket. 2 bushings, one Hinge pin and an 'E' Clip. $6

Open door and slide a jack under the end of the door away from the hinge, Throw a couple of rags under there so you don't scratch the paint. Jack it up until it is about an inch lower then the door.

Unbolt the top hinge out of the door only.

loosen bottom hinge bolts for the door side only. The door sould now be resting on the jack.

Rock the top of the door toward the front of the car as far as it will go without hitting the paint on the front fender. Basically move it out of the way so you can drill down onto the existing Door pin without the Chuck of the drill hitting the door.

3/8 drill bit, drill the flare off the original Pin.

With a large Nail or small Drift, hammer the old pin down and out of the hinge. take 'door side' of hinge out from 'body side' of hinge.

Take out old worn out Bushings, replace with the new ones in the kit. Remember what direction they came out of, put back same way.

put some grease in new bushings and around anything that shows it rubs, put door hinge section back into body hinge section and place pin down in through new bushings.

The end of pin is Knurled so after it rests on the hinge you have to use that nail or drift to seat it. There is a 'E' clip for the bottom.

rck door back in position to put back the two bolts you took out and line up the hinges to the door. The aliagnment is easy. You can see where the factory painted around the hinges.

My door hardly would close at all. I only had to do the Top hinge even though the bottom one is a bit sloppy. The door closes smooth as silk. HONEST!
no bloody knuckles either

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April 21, 1999
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94 Explorer Sport
Great writeup!

I've been needing to do this for about 2 years now. 2 doors are much harder on the hindges than the 4 doors.

It may be eaisier to unplug the door harness and set the door aside than try to work around it.


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October 31, 2002
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Dimondale, Michigan
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'92 GT, '93 Limited
I personally feel that replaceing the entire is a lot easier, but I agree that it costs a whole lot more. (About $35 from Ford) Bottom hinge only. I need to work on the pin/bushing on the top, but it lines up okay to me...

BTW, nice report.


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July 24, 2009
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2002 XLT
This does not apply for the 2002 explorer. I had to swap out my old hinge completely! They don't sell just the pin, I checked 2 years ago.


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July 14, 1999
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Yeah, although it's not specifically mentioned, this old thread Is talking about 91-94's.