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saginaw power steering pump


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February 14, 2005
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94 sport
for those of you who dont know i have been struggling with my powersteering pump and have decided to screw ford pumps all together and use the saginaw. from what i have heard they are much more quieter and reliable. i was wondering if any has done this conversion to a 351w and if so, would they have any helpful insight. i need to get this done as soon as possible and would like to know if anyone has any tips as far as bracketry goes. thanks in advance


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Man I bet thats gonna be a beast once you work the bugs out thought about doing the same thing my self I also have a 94 x sport : :cool:

I moved here from detroit as well what part of mich. are you from I have a lot of friends and family up there.

Oh yeh man whats illin your pump anyway

Was the 9inch rear end neccessary or did you put it in in order to get bigger brakes along with a bullet proof diff.

well man im a gonna cruise seems this threads dead for now any way 351wex email me i would really like to talk shop with ya later.

sorry i was gone for a while... i went 9 inch because, like you said i want it to be bullit proof. the pump i was running was just a piece of crap, and i got a new one like it but instead of riggin that up i would much rather just use the saignaw style.. i am from newaygo area, its about a half hour or so north of grand rapids, if you know where that is..... well thanks for the help, and doug thanks for the link i will look there