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Saginaw PS Pump Conversion


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October 10, 2006
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Wall Township, New Jersey
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1991 EB 4dr
Hey guys,

Researched this on and off for a while now. I've always wanted to run the saginaw style pump from a Ford Econoline sporting the Inline 6 on our 4.0 OHV motors, and never could find any aftermarket support for this swap. This pump is practically silent, and puts out nearly double the PSI as the stock ford pump. The van pulley is the same diameter and groover orientation as the stock Explorer pump. I had seen a few people attept and even successfully fab a bracket for the swap, so I decided I'd give it a go. If theres one thing I hate about my Explorer its that never ending whining coming from the Ford pump.

Started by making a 2-D bracket to mount the Sag to, with the proper side to side spacing for belt tension. I copied the hole layout from the old bracket so I could use the existing 3 threaded M10x1.5 bolt holes in the driver side head. I later drilled the third mounting hole for the PS pump not shown in the pictures.


Then, I attempted to set the depth of the PS pump/ pulley and ended up with a 3D bracket design.



I do not run AC, but I figured I would make the bracket in such a fashion that I could simply add it on later if desired.

I could not track down M10x1.5 bolts in 150mm or longer, so I bought a meter of threaded rod and made my own extended bolts.

At this stage, I have the bracket mounted to the driverside head with the belt attached. However, It needs to come forward about 1/4" to keep from throwing the belt. This is incredibly annoying - considering I have to make new bolts, cut the bracket apart, and space it farther.





So now, the truck is sitting immobile, and I need to alter this bracket or run the crappy pump for a while.

Thinking about it - If anything I should shoot for slightly too far forward vs not forward enough - I can always shim the pump itself back a bit.

Cool upgrade, subscribing!

Looks like you have a plan!