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Saleen Explorer Experts Needed!!

Im new to the X thing but have been into mustangs forever.Here is my problem-I know that the saleen mustang wheels(18inch)have a different offset front to rear.The reason for this is to keep the back wheels from being tucked in.Did the Saleen XP8 Explorer have different offsets front to rear like the mustangs?The reason I ask is because ALL of the fake saleen wheels Ive seen have the same offset front to rear.I like the price of the knock-offs but if the rears are going to tuck in Ill just have to bite the bullet and go with the real ones.

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mine are 22 up front and 24 in the rear, but i run the s351 style big and little package.

the stock saleen set-up on th ex was just an 18 by 8.5" wheel.

unless you are building a perfect clone, i'd highly recommend going with the wider wheels. I'm lowered and have no rubbing etc. etc. wth my 18 by 9 and 18 by 10 package.


What brand are yours?What size tires are you running F/R/.Ive thought about that but I didnt know if it would clear.Do you have any pics?Thanks in advance.

these are some random pictures of it.

i got the wheels from something like that.

i run 255/55/18 up front (saleen size)
and 285/50/18 in the rear

i love it- nothing else i can say about them


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Expo5.0, looks great in those newer pictures. What did you do in the left rear to make space for the wheel? I removed my upper link to move the E-cables inboard. I have 18x8.5's with a 35mm offset.

The Saleen wheels all have the same offset. I can't remember which Mustang end that they match. Look on the ********* forum, and you can find everything that you want to know about the XP8's.
Good luck,
Don W

there is actually just enough room stock- it will rub on the inside of the wheel well if i go over enough of a bump (just a tiny bit) also, i moved the e-brake stuff as well.

i don't want to know anything about the saleens. its just not for me.

The FAKE Saleen wheels have the same offset.The real Saleen wheels have different offsets front and rear so the back wheels dont "tuck" in.If you dont believe me then go on saleens website and see if the front & rears dont have a different part #.

i'm a little confused.

maybe all the 18x9 fake saleens ahve teh same offset.

however, the explorer had 18x8.5s on it, and i always thought the cars had 18 by 9s up front (i could be wrong)

my wheels have different backspacing front, and rear- but only because they are different widths ( i guess) but it makes them fit perfect anyways.

for your needs it sounds like you might need to get the real saleen exporer wheels --good luck with that

Sorry, I remembered reading elsewhere people looking for replacement XP8 wheels. They were speaking about the real versus the "fake" offsets.

It's the same trying to remember which axle from a ranger is needed to make a Mustang 5-lug.

I am on my second set of non original wheels. My 17x8 Cobra wheels fit well with the 30-32mm offset, but the rear were inboard slightly. My 18x8.5 Moven M13 wheels required the use of 1/4" spacers in the front. They have a 35mm offset, and I could not install the spacers in the back, for lack of threads(4.5). I may buy longer rear studs to allow me to install the 1/4" spacers.

Bottom line is that the rear could benefit from coming out slightly more, given the same offset. Anotherwords, you might prefer the rears to have 5mm or so more offset.

Be careful though, because you will never be able to rotate tires front to rear. I would prefer having four identical wheels, and adjust the offset with rear spacers.
Good luck and good night.
Don W


I discovered this offset ordeal in 1996.back then the saleen mustangs had either 18X8.5 all the way around or 18X8.5 and 18X10s.I had a customer than wanted to stick with 18X8.5s all the way around so he could rotate them.Once we got them we discovered even though the were the same size,the rears had a different offset.They did that so the wheels would sit the same all the way around.I dont know if saleen did this on the explorers or not so thats what Im trying to figure out.Im guessing they did.From my experence on most all ford RWD cars & trucks the front track is a touch wider than the back.The front wheels stick out a little more than the back.I guess Im going to have to "man up" and get the real saleen wheels to get the look I want.They are twice as much as the fakes though!!!Thanks for the replys!


Its the passenger side axle out of a ranger to make a stang 5-lug....I had to write it down so I could remember!

out of curiosity- do any of you know where a 20" saleen look wheel might be available?

i had a rear wheel wrecked by a fire truck side swiping me last night. I'd love to be able to upgrade to 20" in the rear with 18s up front. I'd need 20x10. I know i've never seen them but it would rule if they existed.

Guys, jump over to the ********* site. They have a dedicated XP8 section. There are many real XP8 owners, and others building replicas.
If you search you will find the answers already there.
Good luck,


Well I got a deal on a set of "fakes" so thats what Im going with.I guess Ill run spacers on the back if I have to.I got the 18X9s.Will 285/55/18s fit on all 4 corners??

you don't want 285s up front.

it chases every bump in the road way too much

expo5.0 said:
I'd love to be able to upgrade to 20" in the rear with 18s up front. I'd need 20x10. I know i've never seen them but it would rule if they existed.
Agreed. THIS I would love to see! :thumbsup:

Although shouldn't that be the other way around. Bigger wheels in front than the rear. Sort of like the hot rod look.

I have AR 18x10 all the way around with Nitto 285-50-18 with no problem but silght rubber on front sway bar under full lock.

Why not try 275/55/18's. That was my first choice, but I knew that they would be closer to the ball joint and control arm, than my 265/60/18. I wanted the height of the 275/55/18(30"). These that I have are close, but not very close, to the ball joint and right control arm bolts.
The offset will be important. These larger diameters, actually can touch the fenderwells, etc. before the sway bars. If the diameter is kept down to 30" or less, I think the sway bar will be the stop.
The 60 series does ride better, but next time I will probably try the 275/55/18 size.
Good luck,

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tire size

I havent been able to find any 275/55/18s.Where did you find them?