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Saleen Explorer XP8


October 2, 2001
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Boca Raton, FL
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'94 XLT
Well it looks like I'm not getting the Audi S4, even used it's still a little pricey. So I gotta stay true to the Explorers. I'm definitley getting a truck, my mom and I were looking at the 2002 Ex's. but the more and more I think about it I want to find a used Saleen Explorer XP8 more than anything. I have wanted one ever scince I saw one 3 years ago. I have been searching for a while but can't find any for sale. I started thinking about them again becasue a few weeks ago at our boat ramp there was an Saleen Explorer pulling out it's ski's, I actually tried catching up to him to see if he wanted to sell it, but I missed him at the light. IMO they are the sweetest looking SUV'S that were produced. I would have thought that at least one person on this board would have one but I guess not. I'm really trying to find just a N/A 5.0 Explorer XP8 to keep the price down. If anybody could help me find one or where to find one I would greatly appreciate it. I live in Boca Raton, FL.

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Try ebay Auto. I've seen a few listed there.

I've tried that, there is always this guy posting his white Saleen which you prbably saw, it was the supercharged one. He puts it on every month for awhile now but pulls it off the next day every single time. This sucks, they made them between 98-2000, the funny part is I called some dealers that were supposed to be "certified for saleen" and they told me there never was a Saleen XP8 (their on friggin crack). Does anyone know someone in Fl. with one?

You think the dealer is on crack, try the actual sales people. I went to the Saleen both at the NY international auto show and asked about the XP8 and the Saleen guys said they have never heard of it. How about that.:rolleyes:

I had never heard of the saleen explorer before so searched on the internet for one and figured the first sight had to be wrong - 222 hp and 298 torque from a saleen? but all the sights said the same, thats not much better then a stock V8 which has a better warranty (saleen is only one year).
The truck looks good but I thought saleen was about performance.

According to the poster on my wall, the saleen explorer has 286 hp and 333 ft lbs of torque.

Anyways, its a very sweet truck, good luck finding one.

Theres the N/A XP8 with 222 hp and the supercharged XP8 with 286 hp. I'm trying to find a N/A version to keep the cost down for my mom but also because I think there's a lot of better superchargers out there than the eaton to get more power out of the 5.0. It's just downright sinister looking, for some reason I don't like the look of the saleen mustangs but damn those explorers are sweet. I've only found 3 for sale, one in North Dakota,and 2 in New Jersey. But I'm not sure if my mom would be up to shipping the truck to here. Any idea on how much that would cost? Your right about the sales people and dealership, I couldn't belive they never heard of the XP8. The best part was that one lady I spoke to started to tell me about the Saleen mustang and how it comes with 260 hp. And I'm like those are the GT'S figures, so I asked her about the Cobra to see what way-off figures she would give me and she had never heard of the Cobra before. That fu**** stunned me, I basically told her to re-check her stats and hung up. Idiots!

About the shipping of the truck: RIght now, with you in Florida and the trucks in Jersey, shipping is relatively cheap. That's b/c all of the older people, who spent their winter in FL are moving back north. This time is one of the car haulers "christmases". They are out in full force moving anything up and down the coast they can. My dad just got a car from Jersey to VA for $400, I don't think it would be much more, since the truck was leaving his house (w/ 2 cars on it) straight for FL.

Also, there is always the Amtrak auto-train. It goes from Lorton, VA (outside DC) to ? (I can't remember the town), FL. I did this once to pick up a car in FL, it was a hell of an experience if you have never been on a train before.

Just throwing my $.02

94 Tan - FYI

There were 2 models of Saleen explorers in 98-00
The XP6 with the 4.0 SOHC
and the XP8 with the 5.0
The S/C was an option on the XP8

Check out:

Go to the "classifieds" section. There are 2 XP8's that have been in there for several months.One is in NJ and the other one is in NY. If that does not work for you, you can post a message on the bulliten board that you are looking to buy.

You might want to call Saleen. When I was there last week the had a dark grey - fully loaded, (with S/C) XP8 parked in front. I bet it's for sale.

Thanks for the help guys. The only only ones I found for sale were out of state, so the only problem I have now is convincing my mom to either drive it down or use the autotrain.

Frankrizzo- I know there was the XP6 but I was only refering to the XP8 because actually I find it funny that people already spent that much money for the truck yet didn't opt. for the V8 which definitley suits it's image better.

i didnt know there was an XP6. I tried searching on google for it but got nothing. can someone post some information on it please.

WOW you say there were only make from 98-2000... I'm not too sure on that, I've seen and tryed to buy a 94 Saleen Explorer, Dang Finance company.... Those X's are so sweet and the best handleing SUV on the road IMO...

I don't think they made them in 94, I know they officially made them between 98-00 and I think 2001, the 94 might have just been customized by Saleen parts, but I'm not sure if they made stuff for the 1st gen. explorer. You are right though, they do handle awesome, they have just about no body lean and can take turns very fast, especially for an heavy suv.

By the way those rims are tight my friend has the 20" stealths also on his Explorer sport.

I made a mistake in my other post I've only heard on the XP6 but have never seen one, only XP8's, I would guess the only difference would be that it has the v6 engine 4.0 SOHC instead of the 5.0.

Dont know Looked original to me.. It had the saleen logo down the side saleen seats with stiched saleen and a fully independet suspention, Could have been built be a shop, but like I said looked to original...

im interested in what kind of engine mods were done to the XP6.

If it had a fully independant suspension it was probably done at a shop. You can buy most of the saleen add-ons from Saleen.

I know Explorer Xpress had a customized 1st gen. Explorer, but does anyone know if Saleen offered a 1st gen Explorer, I'm pretty sure they didn't?

does anyone know of any sites to buy saleen parts, I cant seem to find any..

I dunno about the mods on the XP6, I just know that it exists because when i was at the Saleen sidewalk sale last September, they were selling the XP6 and XP8 stickers for the back of the truck.
I was like... XP6???...You gotta be kidding....

Good luck finding Saleen parts!, they blew out everything last year and do not support the Explorer anymore. (I got some great deals, though....)

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It does exist... :bounce: Dead Link Removed