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Saleen Explorer XP8

wow, I had never even heard of these till just now. Do the XP8's look like that XP6? Cause that XP6 looks sweeeeeeeeet.....

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looks the same plus a few horses :)

That is so friggin' nice!!! *wish* *wish* *wish*
I just need a super stylin' grocery getter :p

I've seen a black XP8 where I work and I fell in love with it. It is the best thing ever. :eek:

not bad looking at all. you gonna bid on it?

no i just want to know what they did to the engine... if anything at all. i emailed the seller but have not gotten a response yet.

Sweet aren't they. IMO theres no other better looking street truck, it's just plain mean. I'm having a *****-of-a time trying to find one though. Either way I'll end up with an explorer. If not the Saleen, than a black Eddi Bauer becasue I hate the xlt's seats. And I'll mod the heck out of it.

i will tell you what 94tanxlt.i now own the saleen explorer that was for sale in new is a xp8 and is truck number 17. it may be too late, but i do know where another 2000 saleen explorer is for sale. it is right near my house. this truck is in awesome shape. i mean there is not a scratch or chip anywhere. i am not lying. it has about 8500 miles. hardly looks like it has about 10 miles on it. i would not steer you wrong is at a dealer that also has free shipping. i almost bought that truck, but they will not come down in price that may try though.the saleen also has the carbon fiber hood from saleen.if you want to see it or pursue it, this is what you do:

go to
search their database
select ford vehicles and it is right there

I like that color with the grey grille.

heres the link Saleen Explorer

d@mn, that is a sweet color on a saleen. but $31k? thats a litte high. better be the one with the charger (they didnt mention one so i guess it aint got it.) i know they were not cheap new but they have fairly low resale (compared to new $) so thats just to much.

cool site except for all the damn pop-ups.

Saleen Related parts

Here are some cool Saleen parts/options, up close:
(None of this stuff is available anymore..)
Carbon Fiber rear view mirrors:
(I think these went for $750 a pair)

Here is the Saleen composite hood: (lots of people say 'carbon fiber") This is the only hood that I know of that they made for an Explorer, it's fiberglass. (List price was $799)

Close up of the Saleen gagues (repost):